TIPS Before Redesigning Gardens

1. Look through the window of your house, and notice what you see. Is the view from the living room, kitchen and from other rooms similar to what you see now? If not, this scene could be changed or redesigned with plant or build something to highlight the beauty or the lack of cover outside areas of our house?

2. Sit down with members of your family and discuss what is good and bad about the house and land in the yard, and list what they want to change.

3. Look carefully home and other people's yard when you walk. You could also took a tour of an organization follow garden club, horticultural society and other charitable organizations.

4. Measure and record the dimensions of your home, including the location of windows, door entry, the position of trees, roads, sidewalks, walls, land borders with neighbors, and others. Using this measure, draw sketches of birds eye view of the house and your yard is.

5. Start your own sketch your garden landscape changes on tracing paper. Do not be disappointed when you get the results less satisfactory. Begin again, and the results of your previous sketches not discarded in case you will need it later.

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