TIPS Before Redesigning Gardens

1. Look through the window of your house, and notice what you see. Is the view from the living room, kitchen and from other rooms similar to what you see now? If not, this scene could be changed or redesigned with plant or build something to highlight the beauty or the lack of cover outside areas of our house?

2. Sit down with members of your family and discuss what is good and bad about the house and land in the yard, and list what they want to change.

3. Look carefully home and other people's yard when you walk. You could also took a tour of an organization follow garden club, horticultural society and other charitable organizations.

4. Measure and record the dimensions of your home, including the location of windows, door entry, the position of trees, roads, sidewalks, walls, land borders with neighbors, and others. Using this measure, draw sketches of birds eye view of the house and your yard is.

5. Start your own sketch your garden landscape changes on tracing paper. Do not be disappointed when you get the results less satisfactory. Begin again, and the results of your previous sketches not discarded in case you will need it later.

9 Mistake Make Garden at Home

In some time ago, a friend who complained that his house looks barren garden, unlike the other houses he had seen or even that often is in a magazine. And he had tried to copy even garden design that he thinks pretty and beautiful. The result, still did not satisfy .

If we observe, the park houses some places will give a different impression. There was a look of beautiful and harmony with its surroundings, there is a visible barren and dry, and some even look too thick, so give the impression of a dark and forbidding. So the question arises, what wrong with these gardens?

Apparently, consciously or not, there are some common error made in the design and manufacturing process. The following observations and other info from some common mistakes made when creating the park.

1. Planting leafy
Generally, at the time of manufacture, we buy a plant with a smaller size. Usually directly planted with spacing narrower than the recommended spacing. For the tree, because it looked small, it is planted too close to other tree without taking into account developments in the adult branch. In the foreseeable future, the result will look stacked, and too dense.

2. Too Many Plant type
One of the principles of design as a 'continuity of design sustainability' (continuity) will feel lost and do not merge when using many types of plants. Determining the specific types of design and repetition in a particular section will be binding and unification of the whole design so it looks harmonious with the existing environment.

3. One Choosing Plants
Conditions contained house shaded area and not a major factor to consider. Make no mistake selecting and placing one type of plant that are not in accordance with optimum growing conditions. The characteristics of the inaccuracy of the plant leaves quickly turn yellow and brown, dry, to death in a short time.

4. Grass and shrub order Inappropriate
Generally a room with a grass surface will be decorated with small bushes or ground cover the outer side of the border / barrier so it looks neat, orderly and clean. If the placement is not appropriate shrubs and make it look narrower, the park will feel cramped, disorganized and losing the desired focus of the garden. In addition, these conditions will complicate the process of maintaining the grass.

5. Placing the Tree in the Middle Page Grass
Front garden ornaments serve as the main house when viewed from outer space. Site selection is expected to be planting trees fasade frame house design that looked more beautiful and comfortable. Usually the placement of trees in the middle of the lawn will be impressed by 'blocking' house. Moreover, if the plant is a large tree and the shade, will make a house become too dark. A good place is to put him on the side of the house. If you want shade, the shadow should fall in front of the house that adds a shady spot for the house. Even if really wanted, the placement of trees in front of the house should really be taken into account its impact on the design of the house and the house itself fasade.

6. Plant Too Close to Building
The narrow land sometimes becomes an obstacle in making the garden. Planting shrubs near the house wall is the most favorite thing to do. But the media placement and distance using the earnings are often not in accordance with the recommendation of planting should be. Save some space (about 10-15 cm) between the outer canopy of plants shrubs and walls of the building. Another concern is the planting of large trees close to the walls of the building. Beware of spreading root growth and can damage the walls of the building.

7. Bush Too High
If plants grow too tall in front of the house, will cover the windows and block the sunlight and air flow into the house. Note the position of the window, the direction of the wind and the height of adult plants at the park remained so beautiful without making the house became unwell. Choose plants that have a constant high or take some time to make the right cuts for the desired plant height.

8. Crop condition Ailing
In the annual cycle, there are times where the plants look unhealthy and chlorotic. Apart from climate change, the process of adaptation to environmental conditions of life are major factors. Chlorotic also can occur in less planting medium iron elements, because the soil is predominantly alkaline. Choose plants that fit with the existing soil type, and then do the proper fertilization and effective. If you are unsure, ask the expert recommendations of plants for plant species that will be used.

9. Scattered Light Plants Without Color Pattern
The presence of color in the garden will make the park more attractive, but if the presence of these colors spread without a good pattern, color accent does not affect taste effectively. Put plants with bright colors at some point so it is more visible. Then compare it with the same plant placement along the barrier construction, will feel the color impression is lost. Even if the settings are correct, the color of light on the garden can provide more benefits for the refreshment of mind and self motivation.

Small Garden Set

For those of you who have a minimalist garden should feature a few accents. With a small plot of land in front of the house and wanted to make it a garden, you can use some of the following ways.

To create a minimalist garden, there are several characteristics that need attention. Buildings generally minimalist story with geometric shapes or boxes. This forms the impression stuck firm and rigid. The presence of the park is expected to reduce the stiff impression.

with natural materials that are not too many, especially if the house has a large window. You certainly know the importance of oxygen in a house. The need for oxygen can be obtained from the photosynthesis of green plants. Therefore, multiply the green plants in the garden is minimalist. Oxygen can also be obtained from the element of water. Therefore, the present pool plus a waterfall or fountain, is the right step.

Many types of plants that inhabit the park suitable minimalist. Some of them, namely Linium Caladium, Calathea majestic with fresh green leaves, which often adorn the pool area.

For flowering plants, you also have much choice. You name it, flower peacock, Alamanda, trumpet, jasmine, and myrtle. Not only beautiful, yellow flowers are tiny but fragrant scent to your garden as well.

Not only ornamental plants. Fruit crops could you show the type of garden this one. But remember, do not plant any fruit.

Instead, select trees lean and vertical growth. Plants rose like a pillar candle or fir can also be decorating the garden.

Plants also can be planted in a pot to save the land. However, you should still look at how to set the pots. There 'formula' which you can apply the system or even an odd arrangement. "The system is odd, let the small size of the pot, place the pot slightly askew medium and rather large. That way, the shape of a triangle but not the same leg. You can also order a pot in the form of isosceles triangles, two small pots and a large size.

The Charming Little Garden

Residential petite nothing can now have the parts that used to house only synonymous with broad land. Includes a beautiful garden beautifully.

In the past, seldom has a small house gardens, especially beautiful, because he will be looking to make land more narrow and claustrophobic. Plus people who have a house with limited land confused, what is the appropriate crops planted there. In fact, as air circulation, making the garden does not always require extensive land.

Land measuring 2 x 3 meters can now be used as a beautiful garden and cool. Live how the concept of the park you want to adopt. All you need to remember is do not limit your gardening ideas only in plants. For a minimalist garden are usually located in a narrow land, not any decent plants and ornaments placed there.

I think, one of select plant will make the land look more narrow narrower. Because land was limited, usually about 2-6 square meters, home owners would want this minimalist garden can be arranged as optimal as possible.

Minimalist garden should feature natural accent with a material that is not too much, especially if the house has a large window.

In addition, aspects of health and comfort of residents is also very worth noting when creating a minimalist garden. You know not, minimalist narrow residential desperate need of oxygen supply? Well, the oxygen requirement can be obtained from the photosynthesis of green plants. Therefore, multiply the green plants in the garden is minimalist. Oxygen can also be obtained from the element of water. Therefore, the present pool plus a waterfall or fountain is an appropriate step.

Creating the garden is not always synonymous with a lot of plants and trees. Make a pond can become interesting concept. According , one of his landscape business owners, the pool of land suitable for narrow and elongated shape must not widen. Widening the pool makes the garden seem less broad. All around the pond, you can put different kinds of plants with different colors and sizes.

Given the vast land that can not, you could put these plants in pots. Besides it takes a lot of land, the use of pot is also more practical for move. To cover the surface of the ground, you can use the grass. It could also just cast a stone. In order to view the beautiful pond, you can add different accessories or ornaments garden fountain funny and unique designs.

Garden may be small ornaments and details of commonly used large houses. Garden ornaments such as statues, garden lamps, chairs, even the path can also be applied in your small garden. However, course design, size, and the setting is different with a big house ornaments.

Ornaments that you choose should be small, not too big, too long, or too wide, so you still have space to put other ornamentation without being full.

To create a minimalist garden, there are several characteristics that need attention. Buildings generally minimalist story with geometric shapes or boxes. This forms the impression stuck firm and rigid. Now, the presence of the garden is expected to reduce the stiff impression. Where should garden be minimalist? Very flexible. You can put it on the front, rear, corner, side, even in the house. If you liked the element of water, you could put a minimalist garden-themed water park in the front of the house.

If the garden was in the back of the house, make a more simple design. Avoid forms that resembles the mountain because it will foster a narrow sense. If you want to bring the grass, should select a small and delicate leaves like grass howl.

Another case for the minimalist garden are present in the house. Usually located at the end of the stairs. The right plants for the garden at the family home is a palm. Green leafy plants with slightly yellow tinge, Dracena fragrans, is also worthy of your choice.

5 Type Garden Combines Minimalist

The house is a place of refuge and shelter from erratic weather. Also home made as a final destination after a day exhausted outside activity. The house also has a type, size, and shape different according to the existing land.

In addition to the house, there are other factors that can support the formation of a healthy home, comfortable, pretty, beautiful and neat. Park is the supporting factors that have many functions and different types that can be adapted to home conditions. Park is also a natural energy that is the source of life for residents.

Today, the garden is a garden-style minimalist's dream of greater acceptance by the owner of the house, but does not require a large amount of land, this type of garden is very simple and does not require too many materials and plant. Minimalist Park also has five types that can be integrated in the house.

Minimalist tropical garden is a garden featuring a soft housing by causing organic lines of the park and neutralize a line of minimalist architecture. This type of minimalist garden are usually shades of gray or dark so that the color of the plants used are also matching. In addition to the display, you can use red flowers or pink to contrast with the color of the building. While plants can be planted the papyrus, bamboo.

This garden style is perfect combined with minimalist-style residence for a calm appearance and monochromatic designs which display a variety of textures and shades of green plants. Usually plants are plant species Use Agave, Yucca, Nolina, and Sikas. Plants of this type are also very suitable if given special lighting so the park can be different at night.

Japanese Garden
Japanese garden has started no longer popular today, but this type of park has a unique feature that is very thick with a view of philosophy. Strengthen monochrome color minimalist style. This type of garden usually use hard elements such as stone, sand, comb, wind chimes and bamboo shower. Try not to have garden pad bonsai plant, it will collide with the architecture of the house.

American Park

This type of garden is not too popular in Indonesia. Usually used plants are colorful bush soft textured and shade trees. In addition the fences are shorter, picnic tables, and where the composition adds barbecue garden.

Garden of England

Park English is usually used in a luxury building and using candles pine trees, manila grass and bushes neatly arranged symmetrical flowers. Additional decorations can be used is a shower, high garden lamps and garden chairs made from iron.

With Garden Access Path

Of course those of us who love the garden always wanted to plant our crops are not damaged it? Solution path laying in the middle of the garden is the best way to avoid the above events. Moreover, if we want a spacious lawn and always flourish, and has a lot of places that require the access road is an important factor in it.

Various shapes and paths model is very much at all. Squares, rectangles, ovals, and naturally we can choose according to the theme parks we have. If we have a minimalist garden should we choose the minimalist design too, such as a square or rectangular like the picture above. But if we make a path with a tropical theme garden and we should naturally choose a natural.

The shape, material, size and a very affordable price we can get at the store or place that specializes in material path. Tips sizes to create a path square and rectangular in my experience is 40 × 40 cm, 50 × 50 cm, 60 × 60 cm, 40 × 60 cm, 50 × 70cm, 60 × 90 cm, 60 × 120 cm, and onwards. And for the distance between the step with one another between 9 to 12 cm, but should be about 10 cm.

Other forms such as oval or naturally also noteworthy for the size and material of the path. Adjust the path of material with rock elements that match the surrounding buildings. For the step spacing is way above my mantle. Many materials that we can choose. And one more tips, try the path you have created parallel to the surface of the soil or the lawn of our garden, so as not to interfere with user convenience.

Plant Collection exhibition at the Narrow Land

Vertikultur Garden

Show off a collection of ornamental plants. Any such a narrow land can be utilized. Vertical so the solution method.

Ever heard about the
Vertical garden? Method suitable planting this one, could be one solution to gardening in small fields. Those who live in urban areas, where the size of the land so often the case, would love this idea.

In the world of agriculture, Vertical garden quite popular. The problem, though cultivated in small fields, the results can be as much as the cultivation of a wider land. Usually cultivated plants using paint cans are made story. Can be assisted with a wooden or metal framework made as a shelf.

Let us adopt this way of farming to the house. In the narrow area, in the alley beside the house, for example. Planted all the plants directly into the ground, is nearly impossible. In exchange, planted it in the pot. Make a rack out of wood or iron, put pots of plants were there.

Could also make a shelf on the wall. Hanging pots, also one
Vertical garden cultivation. In order to accommodate more plants, hanging two pots in a string context.

Make a garden in this way is different from him directly on the ground. Choices were different plants. Park use
Vertical garden many pots, so choose the plants that the leaf canopy is not too wide. Tongue-in-law, cactus, maidenhair ferns, ferns, etc., could be an option. For hanging pots can select plants whose leaves are hanging, it looks more interesting.

Well after so, do not forget to take care on a regular basis to keep the plants thriving.


Rose with the scientific name of plants of the Rosaceae is Rosanales order worthy of the nickname is the "Queen of Flowers" because almost everyone likes and knows roses. Colors are gorgeous flowers with a variety of colorful garden atmosphere seemed to turn into colorful, plus scent of a fragrant charm fragrant.

Roses known to have many varieties that called Rosaceae or rose family rose. Increasingly technological advances make this plant family with diverse colors ranging from red, purple, black and even a mixture of several colors. Besides the petals are increasingly varied, from a single bud, to a stacked double.

In general, roses are grouped according to stature and the nature of its growth into 4 major groups. Namely: the rose bushes planted as a fence many, rose dwarf form of potted plants, roses and the last tree that grows roses liana vine.
How To Gardening Roses

This planting is because of this interest does not require special treatment. These flowers can grow in hot climates, was even cold.

Planting medium is required fertile soil and drainage / irrigation well, which is less fertile flowers if planted in the media that is too loose and sandy. The sun shines enough to make this tree bloom diligent and flourish.

Roses can be propagated by seeds, cuttings, grafting, cuttings and split saplings. The most practical way is by cuttings.

Besides the sun shines enough, should also be trimmed regularly so that new shoots emerge and do not forget to give the flower stimulus fertilizer regularly. Pruning should be done in the rainy season because the buds will soon grow and new flowers will emerge.
Planting Roses In Pots

Planting roses in pots do need a little patience is as follows:

* Pot of clay, pottery or cement preferably cast from a plastic pot while not so recommended for porous and humid not so easy to root rot and lack of oxygen supply.
* Comparative Media planting 1:1:1 / 4 between the soil, manure and sand smooth. If you are patient enough,
recommended to the media before planting boiled to decay microorganisms die and roses free from disease.
* Required pieces of brick or small stones in the bottom of the pot so that excess water can spray out soon.
* Cutting the roots and growing media replacement every 1-2 years for plants to grow healthy and fertile. The beauty of this can be over 10 years old when your loving care and can bloom all year.

How to Cut Roses Long Lasting? Beauty and the beauty of roses in the vase will be annihilated along with the wilting flowers, you can extend more time with a few tips:

* Most cut flowers quickly wither due to decay in the former cut flowers, which decay bacteria multiply and block vascular channels. Resulting in rapid wilting flowers for food supply constrained. To overcome benzoate acid should be added to the water so the bacteria die and decay can be slowed. You can also add 3 drops of bleach fabric per 1 liter of water.
* Rate cut still needs the nutrients he gets from the capillary force to prolong freshness. You can add 1 tsp sugar in 1 liter of water soaking. Or you can use the special nutritional cut flowers are available in cut flower shop.
* Interest cut will absorb water optimally at pH 3,5-4,5, and to avoid dehydration, you can lower the pH of the water at an ideal by adding citric acid 200 mg per 1 liter of water.
* Use of glass vases, ceramic or plastic, and avoid the use of flower vases made of metal because metal and usually contains ethylene-sensitive flowers such content.
* For water absorption can be optimized, you must cut the base of the stem so that the obtained sectional italic larger trunk. In this way it is more optimal cut stem to absorb water.
* Cut the leaves are unnecessary so that sufficient food suppy.

Valentines Symbols
Many meanings behind a rose, the sorrow, sincere, joy to love and the meaning of love. Because of this diversity, so get to know the meaning of the color of the beauty queen of flowers to avoid errors of understanding, namely:

* Red: love, courage, respect
* Yellow: joy, happiness, freedom
* Pink / Peach: Thank you, gratitude, admiration, appreciation and sympathy.
* White: reverence, purity of heart, secrecy, engagement.
* Red & White: togetherness
* Black: grief

Benefits rose bush.
Behind beauty rose color, it also contains natural medicinal properties. If you could go out the way to Bangkok, will you find food that is made of roses. Many restaurants in bangkok a mainstay of the menu served the interest of this material.

This flower is safe to consume and has several benefits. Its essential oil contains geraniol and limonene which functions as an antiseptic, fungal candida killer albican causes whitish and increase stamina. Smell of roses are also often used as a soothing aromatherapy are also improving mood.

Leaf dry petals can also be for the scent of tea. It's easy, you mix a bit of dried flower petals boiled with tea and then strain the water, you will enjoy the fresh smell and sip tea roses that can improve mood.

Recognizing Land For Media Plant

Not all soil or planting media were fertile. Only land that contains certain elements which virtually infertile. Is it?

As the planting medium, soil provides the main factors for plant growth, they are nutrients, water, and air with its function as a mechanical support medium roots and soil temperature. All these factors must be balanced for good plant growth and sustainable.

Soil nutrients needed consist of macro elements (needed in large quantities) include N, P, K, Ca, Mg, and S, and micro elements (needed in small amounts) include Fe, Mn, B, Mo, Cu , Zn, and Cl.

In addition to the content of macro and micro elements, the soil should also contain water. Power save water at a certain soil types will be different, it depends on the structure of the soil. What is required of good media is the type of soil that can store water but not excessive, according to the needs of the plant with any conditions of the season. In addition, the land also has a pH (acidity). Factors affect water availability soil acidity. Soil pH range for wet areas and the range is 5-7 for dry areas is 7-9. This also affects the selection of plant species. For wet areas (ph 5-7) select plants that can thrive in such a range of Ph. The same with the other ph.

It is also important is the content of the air. The presence of air in the soil will affect the density and the density of the soil structure. A healthy root development and the process of breathing air by the roots become a benchmark of whether or not aeration air at a certain soil structure.

Other, related to external factors such as the existence of the building structure, the existence of a severe type of weed, the presence of landslide-prone land, and other factors.

Balcony Garden

Many homes today are built up, it's strategy for limited land size. Even now, it is also angry with minimum built area of apartments green areas. But this is not a reason to not make or have in the garden house / apartment units. The balcony can be used as an area of small green areas and beauty. How?

Carefully Before Arranging

It is important to ask the parties to plan and build these buildings, whether the area that we are the lyrics to a balcony garden is strong enough to support the additional burden of the park or plant material. Similar to planning a roof garden, need also to take into account the maximum load that can be sustained by building the framework underneath.

Then the maintenance of maintenance is also important to note. Is the location accessible by water or fertilizer can be done or the addition of planting medium? All must be taken into account in the implementation of security maintenance.

Making outer space and privacy
With either set of plants that are planted directly in pots or hanging will form an outer space that can function as a family recreation room, or even the family's privacy. Placing the plants in a row can also serve as an effective windbreak. But this position should be noted that these plant stands firmly as a strong wind came. By providing a wide range bit, the wind pressure can be solved, so do not make a broken or uprooted plants.

Plants in containers more secure
In a fairly narrow location, sometimes in a container planting is the best option. Both in the manufacture planter or by placing a potted plant. It all depends with accessibility implementation.

For planting in the planter, to note how watering and disposal of flushing water left. If creative, home owners can take advantage of waste water for air conditioning plants and make flushing drain rain water into the channel. The point is not to create abundance and puddle on the deck or patio building of the house.

The placement of potted plants also need to be examined. Do not put heavy enough pot lane balcony less powerful prop load. The species used are resistant to sunlight, dry conditions in drought or very wet during the rainy season, as well as exposure to wind resistance.

As the plant collections
The location is relatively difficult to reach people from the outside, making this area is often a good place to put a collection of plants that cost quite expensive. Say popular species such as Anthurium, Aglonema , And Philodendron . Environmental conditions were adjusted to the balcony which is shaded and cool, but still good air circulation.

Also if there is no shade in the area, can put vegetable crops grown in the container. Age of their life cycle is relatively short, allowing us to grow crops with vegetable plants we want.

So, where and how was the location of the place, a small garden can be created. Is no exception with such a narrow area on the balcony or terrace buildings on the house.

In order for the House Permanent Plant Fresh

Bring plants inside the house more and more in demand. Besides beautify the room, the plants in the house also serves to keep indoor air clean.

In order for the plant to work properly, required careful maintenance. Here are some things you can do:

1. Flush plants regularly, but not to make the plant roots to rot. Make enough holes in the bottom of the pot.

2. To maintain freshness, place the plant in place that allows the sun. It's also important to move plants from one place to another on a regular basis. Notice also the types of plants, which require no direct exposure to sunlight, some are not.

3. Do not put plants in proximity to the source of heat generated from electronic equipment and kitchen equipment.

4. The air is too dry, humid, and stuffy due to many reasons can reduce plant fitness. Make sure the room has adequate ventilation.

Garden Melt Rigidity An Iron Appliances

Spiral staircase made of metal is widely used as an attic ladder, placed outside the room. Metallic materials make the stairs appear stiff. To "soften" for the park in the surrounding area.

Nothing has vast land to put the stairs? Use a spiral staircase. These stairs are usually made of metal and placed outside the room. Many people use them as stairs to the attic or hanging area, on the second floor. Metal or metal material to make it more resistant to weathering.

Appliances that are efficient places and more durable. Unfortunately, the use of metal materials in all its parts, making a spiral staircase to look stiff and cold. View this certainly feels less unsightly.

Display can therefore be minimized, if you know how, by placing the plants in the vicinity. Rather than simply placing pots of plants, you might as well make a garden, in the area around the stairs.

This photograph could be one of inspiration. Area spiral staircase, surrounded by banana plants, and Tabebuya banana. Thus, our view would be diverted from the stiff and cold metal steps, toward the fresh green plants.

Equipped with the right lighting, will highlight the beauty of the plant arrangement. At night, the area also appear more steps charming.

Palm, Decorate Streets Who Do Not Like Puddle

Plant this one is beautiful. Besides planted on the roadside, also worth planted in a pot and used to decorate the room.

Who does not know the palm trees? Almost all people, young and old, know this one plant. Easy to grow, easy to maintain. If you had just planted around the house or yard indoor ornamental plants, now also widely planted in the margins of the road. Type his palm even more diverse.

Plant this one did not require requirements grow very strange. Prefer planted in soil that contains sand, but do not like stagnant water. Can be planted in the lowlands and highlands. During the breeding period, 'allergic' to the sun. Instead, the growth period it needs full sun.

Even so, no means palm could be planted in the room. still can, if every once spent 3 days in order to get sunlight. There are several species of palm that can be used as indoor plants, such as the Yellow palm, fish tail palm, Cabbage palm, fan palm. While palm species for outdoor plants including palm Bottle, Red Palm, King palm, and palm lady.

Seed Seedling
Seedling with seed is in three stages, namely germination, growth, and enlargement.

- Germination
Provide old palm fruit with a blackish-brown skin or red. Soak in water, then peel the skin and the meat is rubbed manner. Drain seeds and dry in the sun to dry. Then, soak in water for 12
- 21 hours
Enter the wet seeds into plastic bag water spray, tie, and put in the shade. After 3 - 4 weeks, germinated seeds are stored in a thermos container media (peat) moist for 2 - 3 days until the candidate roots appear.
- Growth
Provide a planting medium in the form of a mixture of rice husk, sand and manure (1: 1: 1), and enter into
plastic bag. Planting seeds that already have a third candidate's roots in the plastic bag. Give a clear plastic hood to cover plastic bag, store in the shade, and every 2 - 3 days spray with water once. After 1.5 - 3 months, usually appear early leaves. Wait until the leaves while 3 to 4 pieces, the new move.
- Enlargement
Rearing container seedlings can be potted or
plastic bag. Enter a mixture of rice husk, soil, and manure (1: 1: 1). Remove seeds by way of "withdrawn", and then planted in containers that have been provided. Every 1.5 months, give as much fertilizer NPK half teaspoon. diligent flush. After 6 to 8 months, planting the seeds as needed.
In addition to propagation by seed, palm trees can also be propagated by separating root. For example separating chicks from red palm. What is clear, the separation can not be done chicks directly or sudden, but it must be gradual.
Choose a healthy palm seedlings, and then sliced a quarter of the rhizome chicks. Allow about 10 - 14 days, after that continue the previous slice to reach half-sections, and allow 10 to 14 days. Iris again until three-quarters of a part, and wait for 14 days. Only then, separate the seedlings as needed.

Variety Palm
There are various species of palm that we know. Some of them are:
- Palm Yellow
Latin name Chrysalidocarpus lutescens, Hyophorbe commersoniana, Hyophorbe indica, Areca palm, or Areca lutescens. The growth clumped, 50-150 cm tall, stem round, closed stem segments and petiole golden brown (a little green mixed in). The leaves are compound curved and composed of strands of leaves children, and is located in pairs on petiole mother.

- Fish Tail Palm

Called fish-tail palm (Caryota plumos), because its leaves resemble the form of fish. Edge leaves like a fish tail, shiny leaves skin with the bones of a pinnate leaf. Bright green leaf color, length 20 cm and 15 cm wide. Higher plants can reach 3 feet.

- Cabbage Palm

As the name implies, this palm has fan-shaped leaves with wavy folds like a cabbage leaf (kobis). When planted in the yard, the height can reach 3 meters. Leaves 40-50 cm long, and 60-70 cm wide. Color of leaves at the bottom of the green, was at the top of the green.

- Palm Fan
His name (Livistona chinensis) could not be separated from the leaf shape. A half-circle like an open fan. Leaf diameter of about 30-50 cm. This palm is one of the palm of the most durable in the room. Can reach a height of 10 meters. Look beautiful when the plants are still located at an altitude of less than 2 meters.

- Palm King

King palm planted many come from Cuba, which is Roystone regia, R.buringuena, and R.elata. This palm is also known as the Royal Palm. Form a solid trunk, with the high reaching 25 meters more. Usually grown as a decorative side of the road.

- Palm Princess

Like King palm, lady palm is often planted on the roadside. It looked like a palm-King, but the color is more green leaves and wider. This palm was imported from Madagascar.

- Red Palm
Specialist located on the stem and bone red. To maintain the red color, should be planted in the open space around the courtyard. Red palm is native to Indonesia, among others, could be obtained in Borneo, in the lowland swamp forests up to 500 meters above sea level.

- Palm bottle
Looks quite charming, bulging rootstock, the stems are narrower, so much like bottles. The header slow growth and narrow. Among the many species of palm, bottle palm consumers always hunted, often used as a symbol of social-economic status.

Tips Planting and Caring for Palm

Palm does not require growing conditions very strange. Prefer planted in soil that contains sand, but do not like stagnant water. Can be planted in the lowlands and highlands. Besides planted on the roadside or in the yard, the palm can also be planted in the pot. How?

On the pot
Several species of palm, such as red palms, bottle palms, cabbage palms, planted in pots. How? Provide a clay pot or drum used. The bottom of the pot was given a red brick fragments, and above it is mixed with rice husk, coconut coir, and sand (1: 2: 1). Palm seedlings planted into the pots. Do watering. Do not forget to give as much of NPK fertilizer 1 teaspoon every 1 to 2 months.

Jump on the ground

What about direct palm planted on the roadside, such as palm or palm king's daughter? Way, make the planting hole measuring 30 x 30 x 30 cm, and let stand for about week. After that, put the seeds into the hole, and Hide to the base of the stem. Make solid land around the rod.
If high palm reaches 3 feet, 3 kg of fertilizer with NPK per plant. If the height is less than 3 meters, give 1 kg of NPK per plant. Fertilization as much as 3 times a year. Way, embedded fertilizer into the soil within 10 to 15 cm from the main stem.

Caring for Palm
In order to look more seductive palm, do the following treatments:


Apply as needed. Avoid not to create a pool of water.

Apply once a month during the rainy season. In the dry season, the growth of the palm inactive because of the break. Therefore, do not have to do fertilization. Give 0.5 to 1 kg of NPK per plant if the plant height is less than 2 meters; or 1 - 2 kg of NPK per plant when the high reached over 3 meters.

Move the pot back to
If the roots of potted palms into balls and had filled the entire volume of the pot, do to the pot back. What good is in the rainy season.

Which often are locusts (Valanga nigricans). The symptoms, looks irregular bite on the edge of the leaf, the grasshopper bite even be sustainable until the remaining leaves bone only. To fix this, remove the existing grasshoppers in plants, can also be sprayed with 2 cc

Which often is the leaf spot disease. Fungi cause Fusarium sp. or gloesporium sp. Symptoms, the leaves are yellow or green spots. Over time, these spots of light leaving a black, gray, and brown. To fix this, cut the affected leaves. But if the attacks already great, spray with Difolatan 4F or Dithane M45.

Small Garden Set

Each building must have an inch of vacant land. This small land will determine to increase your beauty home . Display a park certainly did not depend on the size and area of land. If done with care and a mature design, a small garden can beautify the home as a whole. There are various ways to impress a cute little garden and wonderful. Having a small garden at home is strongly recommended that in addition to beautify the face of the house will also be very good for the health and psychological.

Three things to note in gardening are:

First, if we have a limited area (narrow), one formula is not to have a desire to move other people into the park park itself. This is because people tend to want to have what has been a neighbor or someone else. Because our land is limited, make a small garden with various kinds of plants that are also small (stunted) this is to achieve a balanced proportion between the park with the facade of our house.

Second, what about the direction of sunlight, this will affect the lighting conditions with a selection of garden plants. If the park does not get enough sunlight, can select the type of plants that like shade (not really need the sun). Circulation direction of the sun is very important because it affects the process in plants fotosintetic in our garden.

Third, soil conditions and water absorption. To produce a good garden requires good soil conditions. Categorized fertile soil if high levels manure making it easier to absorb water. For big cities, usually less fertile soil conditions for the necessary treatment before make garden. Namely by mixing the soil with manure or compost.

To set up a tiny garden, there are two important elements that determine the soft (soft material) and hard elements (hard material).

Elements of this software consists of what types of plants we will plant. Are shrubs, vines (Alamanda cathartica), shade plants, flowering plants and ground cover plants (such as purslane, blue eyes, onion or grass). Noteworthy is the proportion of plants that are low to tall plants, so that looks interesting.

Water also include software elements which we often present in the park. With limitations of our land we can by making a small pond with a mini waterfall in the wall that had been transformed with rocks form a cliff park. This cliff park other than for aesthetic reasons also serve to hide the wall a massive house and slippery. In addition, as a way out if the soil conditions in our homes is very barren and infertile.
The presence of water pools with a constant flow of cool air will add to the garden. To facilitate the required water circulation pump automatically so that water circulation is maintained. Gurgling sound of water will add to the atmosphere calm and quiet. To further highlight the natural nuances, it is useful plants equipped with water or with a special urn. Water plants like lotus, or water poppies will be able to release a loud impression presented by the rocks. To avoid a mosquito nest maintained a good idea too few fish placed in the pool.

While elements of hard rock, which is often used as a supporter of the beauty of the park. This natural stone slab with a form of irregular composition can serve as a path and will add a natural impression. Park did not always have a path, but this road serves as a circulation that allows us to explore the whole park without stepping on grass or soil. There are different types of natural stone selection in the market has to offer, live according to our tastes and pockets. The beauty of small gardens more complete if it is added to the sculpture as well as aesthetic ornaments garden lighting. In addition to the lighting, this lamp will make the park look dramatic at night. Aesthetic ornaments such as jars would also make a small garden look more attractive.

Pond Water Plant

Hobby for water plants or from which you want to give the element of water in your garden design, placement of water pond plants into the design alternative that can complement your garden. Where to place the pool we can also arrange a broadcast receiver or a family gathering area. Appearance of these ponds also provide a cool atmosphere and beautiful for the garden in your yard.

Various design alternatives pond water plants we already know well from your neighborhood or browsing the Website. Themes such as the minimalist and natural we can choose according to the wishes and of course your budget. Then water the plant selection and planting of suitable media is also to be aware of, so that later the pond design will be eye-catching.

With a fairly simple design with a stepping stone to access into the room, may be applied to the
front garden design of your home. Edging or the edge of the rock pool Palimanan in accordance with the building design. The addition of water plants such as Thalia dealbata, and Echinodorus angustifolia Thypa also cordyfolius pond in accordance with their own designs.

How about making natural pond design? Basically the same as the above, but the sides of the pond created by the provision of loose pebbles or gravel is spread on the side of the pond. Adding natural waterfalls can also be applied, because the natural waterfall design is also suitable for natural ponds. Water plants such as Nymphaea, Nelumbo nucifera, Victoria amazonica, and so can you plant in the pond water plants in accordance with your wishes.

Finally giving water, the media approximately 30 cm plant with fabric filter coating (as a filter so that the pool is not dirty) and gravel or pebbles in the pond there is a complement of this pool. And do not forget to watch out for water circulation so that no mosquito larvae in the pond. So how do you interested? Present comfortable and beautiful atmosphere of your garden pond plants by adding water.

5 Tips Make Garden at Home

Making the park is one of our efforts to bring the beauty of our home environment. Planning a good garden design on the front, side and rear of the house, we can do it yourself. Of course the question now, how to make the park? I explain some important points in a garden. Theme park Pick a theme park in accordance with your wishes. For example you can choose the theme of Balinese-style gardens, tropical-style gardens, garden-style minimalist, or modern style. But you also have to consider the situation and condition of land that you have. Selection of plants
Selection of vegetation is a point that must be considered. Make a list of plants that you like. Purchase according to your needs for land and a healthy crop of course also be a very important point.

Affect plant layout design beauty in the garden. Always look at the composition of vegetation such as grasses, cover crops, shrubs, water plants and trees. Strata of vegetation that must be considered like this: The tree is placed as the background, and clumps of shrubs placed in the middle area, and the final closing plants or ground covers and grasses placed as a foreground,
Media Processing Plant Processing a good planting medium by mixing the soil humus and fertilizer (organic or non organic) is very influential for the survival of our plants. A good watering should also be observed mainly in the morning and evening. For watering if you have more funds, you could buy a sprinkler that gives a chance as we desire.

In the rainy season is an important part of this note. Without drainage garden or we can flood the park: D. Why? Because basically to regulate the flow of drainage water that is not transferred to the disposal of unused sewers (drains term). But there is also an alternative for it is by making drainage Biopori holes .

Tips Make Minim Garden Maintenance

Bring a garden is a dream of all people, including my friend's landscape? With a variety of theme parks which can grow buddy always achieve the desired match with. But sometimes there are some constraints in terms of Garden maintenance. This landscape is intended to mate with a little time to spare or are (sorry) too lazy to deal directly with the park. For a hobby to gardening course this is not obstruction means, but these tips can also be applied.

In Concept Creating postings Park 4, I promised to discuss this topic and there is a question of my friend like this landscape:

Laying Stone Elements

Stone-gravel-and-stepping-stone in the effort to bring the beauty of a park, not necessarily with diverse vegetation. The laying of hard elements such as natural rock and gravel, also very good to beautify the park as well as minimize maintenance on the park. A cross between rock and gravel can we use as a boundary between areas of crops and the area home. We also can make access to the park with paths, by combining the rock and gravel and stepping stone.

But this placement is not necessarily we just put it, because usually weeds will grow around the gravel. Therefore we have to do preliminary work for a laying of stone, gravel and trail. Prepare weeding block placed on the ground. Pal landscape can buy it at stores that sell plants or can be in the shop building. After weeding block is installed, cover with plastic and then sprinkle the stone and gravel and stepping stone placed as needed. Now, with an additional block of plastic and weeding that reduces the growth of weeds.

Low Maintenance Vegetation

Select a border-plant crops suitable for the area or neighborhood friend's house landscape. That is, plants that fit the environment will grow up with healthy and this is what makes these plants more minimal in terms of treatment. The choice of resistant plants in dry conditions such as aloevera, adenium (frangipani Japan), and much more. As a border (border), select plants such as yellow iris (Neomarica gracillis) . And to cover the ground, my friend could use a mini elephant grass (Axonophus compressus).

Plant grass

Grass planting-What? Only the grass? Of course not. This meant that the grass is very easy in terms of treatment. But wait, I mean the grass here is not paspalum grass or bermuda grass (which is used on golf courses) lho. Grass like Axonophus compressus, pearl grass, Zoysya japonica (Japanese grass) is a very common type used. I also have

Create a design as you wish buddy landscape, such as square, round, oval, or adjusting Bentu land. Percantik with the presence of stones and gravel as the border between areas of grass and other vegetation areas or patio areas. Easy enough right?

Pot Plants

Pot-Plant For plant lovers, or rather with the usual crop planted in the pot, these tips can be applied at home. Pot plants are very probably do not need a large space. Pot also makes minimal maintenance and selection of appropriate plants to beautify the presence of these pots. do not be afraid to select plants that can grow large, because we can trim the branches and leaves. Because of these cuts could inhibit the growth of roots.

you can also explore this in a pot. Because it is easy to move, so if you feel bored with the location at the corner then move to another corner. The selection and placement of the pot size can also be applied in accordance with the wishes. For example for a small pot we put in the window, and a rather large size we put in the corner of the living room, corner the main entrance, corner stairs, or in any corner of the sexiest
discussed tips on planting grass in previous writings.

6 Easy Steps trimming Plants

All plants need pruning, especially large crop of shade trees. Its main objective is to keep its shape remains good, and spur growth. Trimming perhaps just not necessary for small plants that served as ground cover.

1. Early pruning
A good time to prune is when the plants begin to look untidy. For instance, the plant was extended into an unwanted direction. Or other plant cover. Specify branch should be cut. If need is indicated.

2. Branch Cut
Trimming can be done with many tools. Ranging from knives, scissors cut until the saw. Customize it with a big, texture and violence cut branches. Make sure sharp cutting tools so it could look more presentable.

3. Cut Leaf.
Stems, branches and twigs of new growth is just as well trimmed. Discard the disturbing new shoots. Withholding benefits from an early age because it is more neatly.

4. Besides keeping tidy, trimming can also be done to foster a new branching. Very simple way, cut the "head" or top of the plant. There is a good idea wrapped in plastic to avoid rotting month after pruning, a new branch Talon would arise. If it feels too many branches can be reduced with the cut.

5. There is another trick, which is cut leaf stem in the head. Remove the leaves until they run out and break bud. This way is more secure from decay. But sometimes the top main stem can grow. Break again if deemed unnecessary.

6. Rod so do not waste disposed. Pieces can be planted stem cuttings way. Use the red soil media. Can be done in pots. But better planted by the media wrapped in gunny sacks. Put in place a fairly shaded but not dark

Creating Simple Pond and Garden in front of the House

Own pond and garden in front of the house need not be expensive and complicated, with simple junk and take advantage of existing plants will be created gardens and beautiful ponds and lush beautiful is not always expensive

During this assumption to have a dream garden pond and usually will not cost a bit because normally we would leave the artisans making the park and pool lots are lane roads, usually counted per square meter.

Now there is no harm in you trying to create their own pool and garden using existing materials around us so that we do not need to spend money for that purpose. As I've done on the existing front yard of my house measuring just 1.5 meters wide X 11 meters.

Arrest Attention
Garden and pond I made sure to make passersby turn and if you do not hurry will usually stop for a moment to just admire it, I always peek activities and they will make me proud, and that's all I make with materials and utilizing the existing plants that do not great expense but the result is maximum.

Make a Garden in the House (2)

A beautiful garden design and unique can make the occupants feel at home. Creating and designing gardens at home was not too difficult. Only, this should be adjusted to the condition and extent of existing homes. Land slightest pages we have, we can use it as a Garden.

Garden himself was not only built on open land. Garden can be made in the room. People familiar with this model such as a park in the garden.

Garde could be built in an open area in the space. For example in innercourt or open space inside the building. The size of his own innercourt really did not have to question, which is important, as inncercourt function into the air circulation to and from the building can be a maximum.

Here are some tips to make indoor garden / innercourt:

- Select the appropriate plant species growing in the room (indoor plant), or who likes the shade. - Choose plants that vary in size. Arrange plants according to size so as to create a beautiful layout and sequence of interest.

- To maximize its function, the park should be made innercourt dry in order to facilitate maintenance.

- Types of plants do not need much. A maximum of 2-3 plants. In addition to ease of maintenance considerations, the park in order to harmonize the minimum created the concept of modern housing. -

- As an enhancer of beauty, you can add other elements such as natural stone types of coral, stone broke, barrel or garden accessories like garden lights. And if the land is, make a mini fountain pond as the nuances of sound through the sound of water.

Tips to Make Xeriscape Garden

In Greek, meaning xeros is dry, so has the notion as a xeriscape garden that requires very little water.

Ideally, xeriscape gardens still need water, although far fewer in number than the park generally. Plants that use native plants were still living in an area, say the area has a normal rainfall.

Here's a short tip for making a successful xeriscape garden:

1. Identify the nature of the Garden area
Spend some time time to observe the existing area. How climate conditions in the area, how dry and how the water source for flushing. Imagine if certain plants are in the area. Imagine all the activities that can be done in the park, including maintenance activities. Determine the design in accordance with the needs of existing and potential.

2. Perform soil improvement
There are places that are too hot and there is shaded. In addition there is also the land to be inundated by water in a long time, whether it is inundated by rain water or water left watering the garden. Soil drainage repairs done by
friable or make an appropriate drainage system. It's also important to see whether the addition of compost to the soil surface can inhibit the evaporation of water and increase soil fertility.

3. Choose plants that require less water than usual
The species is not only limited to cactus or succulent plant, but also can use other types of plants that require less water than other types. The main requirement in the selection of plants is a type of local plant or keep growing, in the neighborhood.
And the existence of this park can be combined with the general type of garden that require more water as long as we can fit the design balancing between them. The types of plants that can be used, among others: Groundcover species: Aloe sp., Lantana sp., Plumbago zeylanica, Zamia furfuraceae, and others. Types of Shrubs: Euphorbia sp.; Sansevieria sp.; Adenium sp.; Agave spp.; Alamanda schotti; Gardenia volkensii; Hibiscus sp.; Kalanchoe spp.; Jasminum sambac; Nolina recurvata; Portulacaria afra; Plumbago auriculata; Nerium oleander, and other . Tree Type: Bauhinia sp; Caesalpinia pulcherrima; Dracaena sp; Ficus carica; Ficus macrophylla; Ficus palmeri; Ipomea arborescens; Morinda citrifolia; Delonix regia; Erythrina sp.; Equiseifolia Casuarina, and others.

4. Carefully placed and make the grass area
How and where the grass was placed in a garden can significantly reduce the amount of water required at the time of irrigation. The presence of grass also requires more water and maintenance than other plants. But if we do grouping of grass can also increase the efficiency of water use regular watering. And do not forget, choose a resistant type of grass with a sandy or solid condition and drought in the period of time long enough.

5. Use of other Garden elements
Another element that can be used a decorative sand or gravel for a dry garden, or a variety of ornamental rock garden, which serves as both steps stone, tumbled stone, and others. There are no restrictions in the choice of elements other than plants. As long as they do not require much water and still be able to drain the water and can inhibit the evaporation of water from the soil, type of element can be used.

6. Perform appropriate maintenance

Appropriate maintenance activities include water flushing appropriate and efficient, watering schedule and how long watering, providing mulch, providing organic fertilizer, and others. The goal is a state garden remain fertile but clean.

Make Garden In The Home

The presence in the home garden can create an atmosphere of calm and freshness of its own. Plants neatly arranged can also produce a mosaic of beauty. This of course will have positive impact for residents.

Park is the complement of the house. A beautiful Design and unique will increasingly make its occupants feel at home. Creating and designing gardens at home was not too difficult. Only, this should be adjusted to the condition and extent of existing homes.

In addition to utilizing the excess land, the park can also be prepared by use of one room in the house. This is if there is no land left at all to make it because of the limitations place. If you want to build home garden note the following

1. Adjust the number of plants with the existing land area. To find out how many plants required to the land, the formula used was divided by the diameter of the land area of seeds. For example, if the available land area 1000 square inches, while the seed 25 inches, then the number of seeds required is 40 units.

2. If you do not have the rest of the land could be made garden, then choose one corner of the room to create the park. But, this nature garden not as permanent. You can choose a corner living room, family room or another room.

3. Choose plants that suit the situation and the existing land conditions. If garden are at outdoors, where sunlight can freely choose the appropriate plants. Some types of flowers can be used as a choice for this type. But if the garden was in the room, select the type of plants that fit in the room (indoor plant), or who likes the shade. Choose plants that vary in size. Arrange plants according to size so as to create a beautiful layout and sequence of interest.

4. To garden outside the room so before planting the soil is mixed or reversed first. It's so wild grass and weeds can die from the root.

5. To create more value beauty, you can equip it with garden accessories. For example, installing garden lights with various designs are beautiful and interesting