Plant Nutrition

Plants, like other living things, require various nutrients to grow, develop, and reproduce. When plants experience malnutrition or malnutrition, will appear unhealthy symptoms. However, excess nutrients will cause problems of their products.

Nutrients for plants is divided into two groups, namely the macronutrient and micronutrient. Macronutrient are elements that plants need in large amounts, namely nitrogen, calcium, potassium, sulfur, magnesium, and phosphorus. While micronutrients are elements that plants need in small amounts, such as iron, boron, manganese, zinc, copper, chlorine, and molybdenum. Obtain these plant roots through the soil.

Plant growth and development not only influenced by internal factors, but also determined by external factors. One of them is an essential nutrient, namely the elements needed for plant growth. If the element is not available to the plant, then growth will be inhibited.

Rear Garden Area Make Beautify Bathroom

rear garden - makegardening.blogspot.comRear Garden Area Make Beautify BathroomArea bathroom in this house is unusual. The reason there is a garden around it. Curious what kind? Consider the following!
Park in this photo could be one of the inspirations behind the use of land. Some land is already "eaten" for the bathroom, the rest is used as innercourt, aka the park in the space. No fuss, really, make it. Those who would rather "anti" with the land, this park is located on the upper surface covered with cement.
Plants potted plants are placed as a substitute for directly buried into the ground. Due to a narrow area, can not put too much pot, pot rack solution is made of metal. Usually, this rack can accommodate three to five small and medium-sized pot.

Plus a small water fountain, more so natural impression of this park. Not to forget the stretch of coral. Also well placed round stepping stone, a "guide" people into the bathroom. In the back corner, adjacent to the bathroom door, so that no innocent, placed wall lamps, which illuminate the artwork underneath. Beautiful, right?
If you notice, at the top of the water fountain there is a hole measuring 100cm x 20cm. Point for the exchange as a route of entry of air and sunlight. Now, with this inspiration seems less and less reason not to make a garden at home, huh? Good luck!

Garden in the home

Garden has become an integral part of a house, but a very loved his garden is identical with a big yard. And what about the house
who do not have a yard large enough?

One solution of the limited land on the home page is to create a garden in the house or commonly known as an indoor garden. Park in the house now ogled many people as alternatives to create a green house. Development could not escape the concept of minimalist homes. Park in the home are able to create a natural and pleasant atmosphere, although with a little land.

This indoor park preferred because the RELAXATION function and very useful to maintain the air quality inside the house. With the garden in the house can also make the house does not feel stuffy and humid as the plant can create clean air is very good for the health of residents. To add to the beauty of the garden in the house, you'll want to add elements such as small pool of water or shower.

Park in the house is usually placed in the family room or in the middle area of a house. Indoor garden concept is similar to that interior design should take into account the design, shape, form, texture, accents, composition and proper lighting.

In building a garden in the house is not too easy. Many things that must be considered in maintaining the plants as living things that used to live outside the home and create habitat moved into the house. The need for fertilizer, adequate sunlight and treatments such as watering and pruning difficult enough when done in the house.

To the need for sunlight for photosynthesis, you can make opening a hole in a transparent roof, so the plant could still feel the sun. Occasionally also put plants in the house out so that the light needs are met perfectly. Another alternative that is by letting the open roof and fitted with a grille that can be opened and closed, so that could be arranged when the plant will get sun

As for types of plants, according to Andrew, landscape architects, the choice of indoor plants to plant more crops of durable live in the room. The plant is resistant to treatment and watered regularly. Because it usually sansiviera, palms, pandanus and anthurium bali many people choose because in addition to not require excessive maintenance, plant leaves are thick needles can also make the air in the house can be more fresh and healthy. While not require watering as usual plants outside the house, does not mean you are not watering the garden in the house at all.

If you prefer a dry garden is also no problem. The dry garden park that does not require water. Make a dry garden can be planted directly into the soil medium, but usually the media is dominated by rocks and sand soil than plants, too. For plant species, plant species that can not not like wet and humid areas, such as cactus.