Maintaining Fences Plants

Beyond its function as a barrier and protective shelters, fences also contains aesthetic value. However, the priority function of the fence can vary from one owner to another owner, does more to show the aesthetic function of safety, or ecological.

A variety of materials such as wood or iron fence is often a choice. However, you can use plants to give the impression of natural and beautiful. Plants that are used can be fully used as a hedge or in combination with iron or wooden fences. Use of more natural materials, of course you need more intensive care and pay attention to the following points.

Adjustment Concept
The use of plants as a hedge needs to consider the suitability of the concept of form fences and garden and home architecture. This allows the element to another element of the synergy. Homeowners can choose the type of tropical plants like hibiscus, yellow, or leafy plants like croton so it does not require special treatment, meanwhile, a kind of bamboo plants can be an option for the modern type.

Regularly prune
The consequences of using plants as a hedge is that you have to maintain the beauty of a way to cut it regularly, especially the stems and leaves of plants. This allows the new shoots are always growing and can make a leafy plants regularly. You should cut it at least 2 or 3 weeks. If you are negligent, the plant will be more difficult to cut and shape the fence being sloppy.

In cutting plants, you can use a rope that had been stretched to the ends of the fence. Boundary rope stretch will appear so easy cut your plants. Adjust the height of the fence as needed.

Keep in mind that the height of the fence also can present the characteristics of its inhabitants. Low fence to give the impression that the character of its inhabitants is a person who is open to the surrounding environment and soulless socialist.
Meanwhile, a high fence covered reflect the character and are less likely to socialize with approximately.

Selena Gomes - Justin Bieber Romance in the Park

Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber
Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber
Everything about Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez has always made ​​people curious. Their relationship made ​​fans feel jealous, especially their relationship the more sticky it.

A few days ago they were in a park. Justin Bieber knows how to pamper his girlfriend, Selena Gomez. Bieber intimate with Selena in a park in Los Angeles.

Bieber is now a super busy artist, is often trouble with Selena. However, every time, Bieber has always found time to meet Selena, although different places far enough.

Bieber, for example, be willing to fly a jet plane from Los Angeles to Califonia in order to meet the lover who was filming the movie.

In addition, Bieber also had hired staples Center, just to watch the movie Titanic together. All for Selena.

As quoted Dailymail, Thursday (5/4) Bieber seen walking in a park in Los Angeles. The couple looked very relaxed and simple to bring drinks, and snacks.

Both then sat on high ground. Bieber Selena leaned on his chest, staring at the sun, they look so romantic. make his fans are getting jealous.

Let's Create New Garden with Junior

Confused want to spend this weekend where with your baby? Want to nature holiday? Holidays in nature should not be expensive or identical with the long journey. But, it takes the skills of observation and creativity. You must be diligent in observing the environment. Is there a lake, pond fish, or a children's playground. Or, you can create your own exciting activities at home, which is recreation.

You can fill out the weekend by getting your baby to make a new garden in the yard. The title, anyway, gardening, but in the process the child is given the freedom to create their own garden. Starting from choosing the plant, mixing plant color, shape design and planting and care.

These activities not only distract children from their daily routines, but also the child's creative media. Especially when they see the plants grow it, grow a sense of complacency which emerging appreciation of his own children.

Create a Garden with Minimal Funding

Often due to lack of knowledge about good gardening techniques, it will make the spending increase. Often these fears are interrupting a dream to have a beautiful courtyard and beautiful. Here we will share some simple tips that can help you minimize expenses in gardening.
The first time you buy garden supplies, such as seeds and fertilizer, you'll want to buy in small quantities or in moderation. Excessive purchases will only be worth - nothing because ultimately wasted.

Consider, too, to look for a vendor or supplier of the plant closest to where you live, but will help you when the need to consult or just want to get a cheaper price, when I had to make deliveries from suppliers to your residence, the distance would have an effect on the cost of shipping . This applies also to purchase accessories such as soil, rocks, fertilizer.

The saying "it - the best things in life are free - free" is often true. You can try to find seeds - seeds of good without having to buy. Able to exchange seeds with neighbors next door, or even you can try to see the yard around your home, often there are several kinds of wild plants that have flowers and a beautiful shape

A Garden in a Narrow Field

Normally people leave the hall next to an empty house, just for the road. Let us take advantage by making it a park.

Side alley, as access to the rear of the house, it could be a beautiful area. In fact, there could be a center of attraction the whole house. Why not! Limited space made ​​it a simple garden interesting, even a fish pond is decorated with an artificial wall.

This side garden measuring 6m x 2m is narrow. To get around this narrow land, we can put a variety of plants in pots. Therefore, there is some land that remains for the circulation area and sitting area with tiled floor.

Not just potted plants fill the park. Another attraction is the fish pond with an artificial wall. This wall of water flows, like the cliffs at the waterfall area. If you love the water, in addition to being the element of water gives freshness and natural sound.

Tip Made Pond in the Garden

Park when the pool can make a cool atmosphere. Cold water is calm and keep the balance for others. Gurgling of water in the pool will give you peace, quiet and fresh in house. When the air is getting warmer, the water can cool the air in the house. Therefore make a pond in the park.

No need to have a large garden fish pond in order to put in it. No matter how wide your garden, can be made a fish pond as a supporting element of beauty. Important note is to be adjusted with the aim of making the pool. For example, if intended as a koi pond it should be slightly larger in size.

In addition the depth of the pool is important, at least be able to make room for the fish to dive into the surface water temperature in the hot sun. It is also one way to save your ornamental fish from the reach of animals like cats, when the depth of the pool is too shallow.

Of course it takes careful planning to get the pool in accordance with the wishes. Here are some simple things that you follow the bias to make your garden pond.

Plan the location of the pool as close as possible to where the water or sewer. Make a hole in the bottom line with the position of the channel is lower than pond water. This is because the principle of water will always fall to a lower place to facilitate maintenance. One thing to watch is not put a pond too close to a tree whose leaves can fall in the pool, because it will quickly make the pool dirty. But should also not exposed to direct sunlight. Enough for 4-6 hours a day. You do this by planting trees shrubs around the pond.

The design carefully planned pool will be much better result than if made pond perfunctory. There are several important aspects that make the pond look nice bias include:

Natural Stone. Make natural stone as an accent in the garden pond. A wide variety of natural stone that could be an option, such as stone, sandstone, or coral brush. Every stone has character. Customize your stone with the desired design style pool. Black stone that gives the impression of cool strong character, can be applied to modern tropical style pool to minimalist. Sandstone with a bright cream color most often used for the Bali-style pool or the Mediterranean

Showers. Incomplete without a gurgling sound of water pond. Make a fountain or a fountain in the middle or the edge of the pond. Fountain to accent that makes the pond look more fresh. Make sure the water circulation so that the water flows smoothly without a hitch.

Fish. You can keep your fish in the pond. Splashing of fish that swim to a pool of more life. But you have to be more diligent maintenance. You also have to make the pump to facilitate the circulation of oxygen in the water that fish need.

Water the plants. Put the water in the plant or in the pool. Water plants are manifold, including lotus, water jasmine, and others. Make sure plants get enough sunlight in order to bloom.

Ornaments. Ornamental ponds with unique trinkets, such as animal figurines, clay bowl, and so forth. Needless to large sculptures, small statues with unique design will make the park more attractive. When the pool is large enough, you can create a bridge in the center ornament.

Clean parks, pools and ponds around periodically to keep awake beauty. Pool water filters need regular maintenance to keep it functioning properly. We recommend replacing the water filter made 2 months. In order to not get muddy pool of water, use zeloit stone commonly used for swimming pools. In addition as an ornamental, stone zeloit can also drag the dirt particles in the water. so as to maintain the pool water is always clean.

Easy Tips to Make Garden Maintenance

Most people think that having the park will create a hassle to take care of him, get rid of that thought because the park is home not so much trouble in his care.

Imagine if we had a garden, we will have a beautiful house, cool air, and has enough oxygen due to photosynthesis of plants that produce oxygen that makes the air in our homes become more fresh.

First of all to make this simple garden, take advantage of the small land at the corner of your house by covering it with grass. Then you can put some good crops you plant it directly or you use a pot plant. You also can add rocks to make it more beautiful.

Now, for the treatment was fairly simple. You do not need watering every day. Do the watering when the medium was dry and see the number of plants that are not too many, then you will not even bother to clean the leaves because it is definitely the amount will be less and in any case your fertilization with fertilizers only when necessary or when you actually have free time. You can also add some stepping stones and a sprinkling of small white pebbles to further enhance your small garden.

How good is not it? and do not need to care sophisticated, just need the necessary care so that the plants do not dry, that's all. Good luck.

Creating Beautiful Small Garden

Many people who have just cramped behind our house, we usually leave it without a touch, just fill in a few potted plants. In order to look beautiful so let's reset the page that was visible narrow eye-catching and soothing. That's all we can do it the easy way. Let's do it!

First we shape the level of the soil surface. In the latter form a hill try not too high (a maximum of approximately 50 cm tall) and cover most of the land with short grass and thick. Leave a few rows of a fixed place or open surface for our planted with ornamental plants or flowers.

Try planting ornamental plants or flowers on the side of the edge of our yard. For variations or kinds of plants up to our own tastes. We can grow vegetables.

For the land that form a hill, plant the plants that are not so high. So basically all of our plants are planted with ornamental plant species are not tall or short course. Back at the plant in the ground form a hill, when the plants sprout quickly we trim the edges. If you are comfortable, try not to put a fence is too high so the garden looks so narrow. Allow your yard without a fence or at least, create a living fence of a certain plant.

If we wish to make a fish pond, make a shape like a dangling thread, so it is not round or wide. Establish a perimeter path following the page in length but still has the shape or appearance of the artistic / interesting. After the park we have formed or so, then we park in a narrow area that will look beautiful, clean and spacious.

Hopefully these tips to organize and beautify our parks narrow to be green, cool and enjoyable.

Garden of Lights Fancy Minimalist Home

Illumination light is not only as decoration but also could be in an area, it occurs because the light can refract light with a certain effect.

And the lighting is not only necessary in the house, but the park also need lighting, so when the night is considered more beautiful.

The existence of a minimalist garden lights are always used as a fitting complement to add to the beauty of the minimalist style residences. Most of the more minimalist style tends to be simple and set in a box or round.

A wide variety of shapes, minimalist garden lights can be selected, including square, round, and another very interesting form.

The presence of lights on the park will make the exotic garden at night. Also can create a romantic atmosphere in a minimalist garden by choosing a yellow light.

The presence of lights on a minimalist garden, able to deliver more value. In order for these lights can last a long time, we must take care of him properly. With the always diligent in cleaning the lamp shade on a regular basis, at least two weeks.

Therefore add a minimalist decorative lights in your house so that when the night garden look more beautiful and eye-catching, and make the neighbors in awe.

Creating a Garden in the Corner Home

If there is a garden at home wherever its location will make the atmosphere so beautiful, fresh and calm. All that can happen when the plants neatly arranged will make a beautiful sight. The park also will be a good influence for the occupants of the home.

Complement the park is home. Beautiful and unique design will increasingly make the occupants feel at home. Creating and designing a garden at home is actually not too difficult. Only, it must be adapted to the conditions and extent of existing homes.

In addition to utilizing the excess land, the park can also be made by utilizing one of the rooms in the house. If there is no land left at all to make it due to limited land. If you want to build a garden at home consider the following:

1. Adjust the number of plants with the existing land area. To find out how many plants required to meet the land, the formula used is the area divided by the diameter of the seed. For example, if the available land area 1000 square centimeter, while the seed diameter 25 centimeters, then the number of seeds required is 40 units.

2. If you do not have the rest of the park land that could be made, then choose one of the corners of the room for a garden. But this is temporary in nature and not a permanent park. You can choose a corner living room, family room or another room.

3. Choose plants that suit the situation and condition of the existing land. If parks are outdoors, where sunlight can be free, choose the appropriate plants. Some kind of interest can be selected for this type of garden. But if the park is in the room, select the type of plants that fit in the room (indoor plant), or that like shade. Choose plants that vary in size. Arrange plants according to size so as to create the sort order for a beautiful and attractive.

4. If you want a garden outside the house before planting soil is stirred or turned upside down first. It's so wild grass and weeds can die down to the roots.

5. To create more beauty value, you can equip it with a garden accessory. For example, installing garden lights with various designs are beautiful and interesting or even coupled with lawn chairs to enjoy the beauty of the garden that we created.

A few tips on creating a garden at home, may be useful to all of you who have the desire to create a garden. Thank you.

5 Tips Organizing Garden Office

Every day we go to the office. Office as a second home for us. For an office that should be made as comfortable as possible in order to support the activities of our work so as not to lead to saturation in our activity in doing the job. Besides the artistic interior design, should also be supported structuring the office is more attractive. Because the office of the earliest and easily used as indicators of hygiene and cleanliness assessment office. To organize our office is not easy, but also not too difficult, for a full earnest intention of creativity with respect to some creative factors such as exposure to these experiences.

1. The state of page

However the state of the pages, narrow or wide, low or high, it can be arranged according to the situation, according to taste desired arrangement. Which part to the parking lot, and other places to park pages.

2. Concern Tops

Leaders who care always in control, how to clean the yard, the condition of the plants in the garden courtyard, and the neatness of the office.

3. Togetherness Subordinates

When the leadership is concerned, of the employees as subordinates also must take care to organize, join our office and arrange the room where he works.

4. Availability of Budget

It also depends on the availability of the budget, because all require a fee, certain funds, especially to pay for cleaners, stylists page, or to buy the purposes of routine consumables and cleaning tools

5. Customer Involvement

There is a motto, the consumer or the customer is king. Customers in this office can also visitors should also be involved in maintaining the cleanliness of their participation or non perkatoran page that has been well organized.

A bit of creative factors presented by the experience during an assignment to serve on a government-owned public service office. Exposure to even this experience could also have a similarity of circumstances and how to organize our other offices in non-government agencies. Hope can provide a more useful discourse with.