Caparison Terrace with Many Plants

Attendance plants, other than the harmonious, also provides fresh air in both the terrace and the other rooms in the house. Then, the plants are suitable for this room? I plant the terrace is good for plants that are easy and not fussy care. Type of plant that is vine plants and hanging plants.

When the vine plant , you can add a medium bamboo pole or roof of a water-resistant plastic. In addition it seems calm and beautiful, this plant is also relatively easy. Alamanda For example, the tears, girl eating betel, betel ivory, or florida beauty.

If the plant can be sized terrace rarely big because of limited land. Most of the plants, bushes. The options ranged in bougenvil plants, glass plates, palm, pandanus bali, banana and a small fan.

Often, people use the hanging pot rack, or which can accommodate more kinds of plants. Pot rack that are sold in the market a variety of shapes. A decorative frame mad
e of iron with a beautifully formed.

So that not too heavy, usually a pot rack and a small growing flowering . As Adenium and Euphorbia, the middle two plants increased leaf. May also kastuba, red-leaved plants and green, and the aster flower colors and Anthurium flowers.

To put the pot on the floor, usually the contents of the plant pot feet. For the small, many are now available a variety of plastic pot that's currently popular. Other options, there is a pot-pillar, ie pot-shaped box to sweep up.
So sparingly, Plant a variety of plants in large pot.

In the land that borders the terrace, suitable vegetation planted
fluorescent so that rain water that fell did not bounce back and go to the terrace. Maria recommends that you choose the tea-plants, purslane, oleander, and palm squirrel tails. If you want to throw a fragrant bush, choose the jasmine plant.

If you want to fluorescent
flowering plants, there is also a type of baby rose. For those who want to plant flowering and quickly lusted color, choose Lantana.

Benefits of Gardening

What are the benefits that can be obtained with the gardening? Here are some benefits when gardening as a hobby in addition to the fun.

Positive Impact to Health
Gardening, as are sports to burn calories, so good for health. When gardening, you will be doing activities such as cut grass, trim trees, trim pot, planting flowers and plants, giving the plant fertilizer and flush. Gardening activities will burn between 280 calories to 380 calories per hour. The number of calories burned is the same with sexual activity for 3 hours or equivalent of jogging or running for 30 minutes or run the 2.5 km distance. Even the garden is able to burn more calories than cycling. Gardening is equivalent to the sport in the gym who will spend a lot of money. In addition, this activity is to support the physical and psychological health.

Gardening activities are also useful for men's health, especially in sexual matters. Gardening can overcome the problem impotensi or Erectile Dysfunction for men. With gardening for men, will reduce the risk impotensi.

Lower Levels of Stress
Gardening is also able to decrease the level of stress someone. After finishing the day or week is busy and full of stress, will be very exciting to go home and start gardening at the end of the day or on weekends. Gardening activities can function as a remover feeling stress, pain and frustrated. In addition, while waiting for germination and plant a flower bud, it will help someone practice patience and look to the future with positive thoughts.

For those who are elderly (elderly), the garden also has many benefits. Caring for plants capable of making the elderly feel that they still needed and not lonely.

For those who have experienced mental health problems or have a psychological disturbance, gardening activities also have a positive impact. With gardening, someone can feel comfortable and calm. Moreover, if the garden with plants and flowers are beautiful and a peaceful environment. Next, the caring and gardening flowers can help someone get the confidence.

However, not only people who benefit from the garden of a make green environment . People who live in or around the house with a beautiful garden will also benefit. Some research shows that people will feel more pleased with the environment a lot of green plants.

Cure Diseases and Speed the Recovery Process Health
Some patients found the hospital will recover more quickly if it is in the environment or are in the green room that has a indoor plant. When the measured blood pressure and heart tap, people with diseases that are currently in treatment period ago is in the green environment will recover more quickly. So if you have a sick family members, then create a garden with a beautiful house and speed healing of the family members.

In addition, with the garden, the lower the blood pressure can someone so avoid hypertension. Gardening activities are also able to help people with diabetes. Because the number of calories burned, direct effect of sugar in the body.

Extend The Age
Because health is stable and calm the mind that, then this will affect the age. Results of research shows that happy people are gardening average period of time have longer lives than those who do not like gardening.

Of course, the fun gardening activities. You can have a beautiful tiny garden in your home or garden with wide, full of luscious green trees deemed eyes. This activity is also more fun than useful. Try to start making your yard into a house with more green gardening.

Tips Gardening In House

Dark, fetid, humid, crowded house will feel when we do not have adequate openings. When angina holes, windows and doors are not sufficient and needs air and good lighting, space can be made with the openings in the roof of the house. Outdoor patio is usually called, is placed in the center, edge, or back home.

1. Patio can be styled into a garden filled with plants, or a dry garden with stones as elements content.

2. Select plants that do not require too much sun and easy care. For example, Anthurium, palm, pandanus bali, etc.

3. Some plants in the pot that is arranged in such a way based on the composition and laying on the right, could be the choice patio.

4. In addition to planted vegetation, decorated patio can also be a variety of natural stone such as sandstone, coral and stone temple.

5. To create a fresh and cool, add elements such as swimming and water spray.

6. If it is not possible to plant trees in the patio of life, artificial plants can be placed.

7. So that the house still get the lighting is good but not exposed to rain, let hood roof made of transparent material or glass tile.

8. Can also leave the roof open, but a permanent fence been opened or closed with the hinge. Layering with mosquito net to prevent entry of mosquitoes as well as rain water flow split.

Make a Garden in the House

The presence of the garden at home can create atmosphere of calm and sanity itself. Plant variety that is also able to cleanly produce the beautiful mosaics. This of course will have positive impact for the habitant.

Complement the garden is home. Design a beautiful and unique will be the making of the habitant. Create and design a garden at home is actually not too difficult. However, this should be adjusted to the conditions and the wide house.

In addition to utilizing the excess land, the garden can also be made in a way take advantage of one of the rooms in the house. This if there is no land left at all to do so because of the limitations of land. If you want to build a park in the house note the following

1. Adjust the number of plants with a wide area. To find out how many plants required to meet the land, the formula used was the area divided by the diameter seeds. For example, if the available area 1000 square centimeters, while the seedlings 25 centimeters, the number of seeds required is 40 units.

2. If you do not have the remaining land that can be made garden, then choose one of the corner of the room to create a garden. But, this park is not permanent and temporary. You can select a corner of the living room, family room, the room or the other.

3. Choose plants according to the situation and conditions area. If the garden outside the room, where sunlight can be free, choose the appropriate plants. Some types of flowers can be a choice for the type for this garden .But if the park is in the room, select the type of plants that fit in the room (indoor plant), or the like calm. Choose plants of varying size. Bucketed plants according to size so that the administration order to create a beautiful and interesting.

4. For the garden outside the room before the planted land, or be stirred first. This is so wild grass and weeds can die down to the root.

5. To create the more value the beauty, you can complete with garden accessories. For example, install the garden with a variety of beautiful design and interesting.

Sanseveira Pollutant Cleaning

One interesting of the power plant is this functioning as a plant cleaning pollutant. Mothers of things like this because they are responsible for the health care family members. We may often see the trees in the street. Leaves with a long and straight, sansevieria evidently able to absorb pollutant especially cigarette smoke. When our guests coming who smoke or have family who smoke the cigarette smoke that can be absorbed by plants, so this smell be quickly lost.

Treatment plant is very easy. There is no need for water or excessive fertilizer, so we are not bothered to made. This plant is able to survive even if some days not watering. Only for the use of water, sansevieria more like the media to dry so that water must be protected from excessive rain or when the time sprinkling. Sanseviria can live in a place that many in the room light or the light intensity is less. Therefore, this plant can be placed inside or outside the room.

The Practical Garden Minimalis

Land narrow and have no time to spare, why not again do not have gardens. Try to wake up concept minimalist garden. Who knew the solution could be right for you.

Land is often narrow the reason a home does not have a garden. In addition to the occupation of the house owner, who does not want to make too busy managing the garden and plants.

While the existence of the park, can provide many benefits. Not only embellish the look fasad house, the garden is also one of the best solution for air circulation. How to make a minimum on the land?

Not difficult! There is a solution for every problem. Limited to land, building a small garden berkonsep minimal. This garden is a garden that requires the concept of practicality. Options type plants (softscape) tend to be of the type that is easily
treated and planted. For example, onion, palm, Euphorbia, and others. Crops do not need a sprinkling too often. In addition, they also heat resistant and weather changes.

Not only plants, furniture and accessories also should be minimal treatment. The options can use a natural stone or coral sowing. Dark-colored natural stone, such as rock or stone temple, will not be easy to look dirty, so it does not need to be cleaned often.

While sowing coral rock, can be applied as a substitute for grass. But it does not mean minimalist garden should not be planted grass carpet. May, the grass that is easy to select the treatment, such as elephant mini grass.

Minimalist garden can be applied in a variety of sizes of land. Living clever-clever set the location softscape and hardscape, so even if it is still beautiful in the land that is also minimal.

To increase the beauty of the garden, the garden can be combined with elements of traditional Indonesian style. These elements can be added in the amount of which is also minimal, alias does not dominate the space in the garden. For example, planting trees and ornaments Cambodia Bali style to create the feel of Bali.