Tips Gardening In House

Dark, fetid, humid, crowded house will feel when we do not have adequate openings. When angina holes, windows and doors are not sufficient and needs air and good lighting, space can be made with the openings in the roof of the house. Outdoor patio is usually called, is placed in the center, edge, or back home.

1. Patio can be styled into a garden filled with plants, or a dry garden with stones as elements content.

2. Select plants that do not require too much sun and easy care. For example, Anthurium, palm, pandanus bali, etc.

3. Some plants in the pot that is arranged in such a way based on the composition and laying on the right, could be the choice patio.

4. In addition to planted vegetation, decorated patio can also be a variety of natural stone such as sandstone, coral and stone temple.

5. To create a fresh and cool, add elements such as swimming and water spray.

6. If it is not possible to plant trees in the patio of life, artificial plants can be placed.

7. So that the house still get the lighting is good but not exposed to rain, let hood roof made of transparent material or glass tile.

8. Can also leave the roof open, but a permanent fence been opened or closed with the hinge. Layering with mosquito net to prevent entry of mosquitoes as well as rain water flow split.

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