Minimalist Garden to Minimalist House

The unification of the house with a minimalist garden is believed to give the impression more harmonious in the concept of minimalist architecture. Minimalist house has a simple structure, little ornaments, and more emphasis on the function space. Therefore, the park which was created to accompany the concept of being loved house should also set up a minimalist. Plants or ornaments placed in a minimalist garden had to be selected in accordance with the characteristics of minimalist concept.

Plants that were presented in this minimalist garden could be the green grass, plants or weeds with various tropical plants, colorful flowers conspicuous.

Better to park built to house minimalist house adapted to the concept that the overall impression of the building stronger and thicker minimalist character. If the house combined with minimal non-minimalist garden, like the Mediterranean or the tropical gardens, it would blur the concept of building the house itself.

This, people often do, or because homeowners want to follow trends. For example, the house has a minimalist concept, but because it is a trend of tropical gardens, the owner's house and then change the concept of the park which was matched by follow-style residential gardens with neighbors or relatives.

In fact, if between house and garden buildings have the same concept, will be mutually reinforcing. Minimalist garden will be to strengthen the concept of minimalist buildings. If mixed-mixed or combined with the concept of disproportionate, an impression which will not show any maximum.

Just like building decorating minimalist, minimalist garden decorating is not so difficult. In this minimalist concept, the simplicity is striking. However, the simplicity of the show is a modern and elegant. Hard materials (hardscape) or soft materials (softscape) also presented rudimentary, not excessive in number and type.

Typically, a minimalist garden plants present only in a limited type. Minimum of only one type and a maximum of about three types of plants. Plants also tend to be simple and not too flashy.

Nevertheless, the character selected plants should highlight the strong minimalist impression. For example, the grass flat, small shrubs, plants straight grass type, or a small flowering plant.

Do not select the lush plant because the plant is more suited to fill the tropical garden. So do avoid the laying of the many twists and turns of plants or plant species lengkungannya because it usually fill Mediterranean garden. The selected colors should one color or one group. For example white or yellow color that reflects the minimalist impression.

If the driveway is wide enough, can bring the fish ponds that are not too deep in one corner of the park. His presence is intended to give a fresh and dynamic impression of the water and fish, which combined with the beauty of plants to minimize the rigid impression on the minimalist building.

Ornamental garden lighting can also contribute to beautify your minimalist garden. However, the Ancient suggested ornament lights do not appear prominently. For example by placing a fence or put them in the house.

Lights do not stand alone. Should unite with ornaments or other fields. The lighting was not too bright, enough to give it the reflection effect. Good luck

Garden House

My home is my palace. Every person must have longed for a comfortable atmosphere at home, and one of them is with a garden house. As we all know that a lot of housing that carries the theme of life back to nature by presenting the park in front of the home garden or public park.

Garden concept is implemented by many housing as a solution to the dream of the city's already very tired of living in the crowded metropolis, chaotic, and full of pollution. Surely the presence of a garden or garden house has become a necessity.

Park may be different functions for each individual. But generally, in addition to providing shade and coolness of the atmosphere surrounding the park's presence also will help to highlight a house. Most communities use the garden as a place of personal refreshing, and some that use it as a producer of vegetables and fruits, children playground or to the pet animals. And also can park to show your expression, for example if you like gardening organic fruit trees, the garden area can be utilized as well.

This what you need to consider in making the park are as follows:

* If there is a toddler, then do not grow plants or flowers are sticky and thorny.
* Take advantage of the garden as a hobby and means of your needs such as gardening, farming, keeping fish in the pond, children's playground, and so on.

Park is a good place to think and refreshing, then create the garden to create a slogan and as a court house where you find inspiration and tranquility after work.

Designing the Garden as Residential Attractiveness

Choice of grass, plants, fences, and fish ponds in the park to strengthen the appeal of a dwelling. How to design a garden tips right? There are several aspects to consider in designing a garden in front of the house.

Experts say the main thing to note is the vast courtyard. With the vast size of the page that will be used, can design a garden that fits the form. Position or location of the park against the direction of the wind and the sun into something else that is not less important. Does the park have a lot of sun or just get half sun intake.

Another aspect that is not less important is the climate of a residential site is located. Therefore, the geographical position of a different dwelling will have a different climate. Thus, suitable plants for different garden too. Style will also affect the design house of a park. Should match the style of garden design in his home.
Designing a garden it needs to be harmonized with the house style used. When using a Mediterranean-style homes, in designing any garden design needs to refer to the origin of philosophy and style of the house. Therefore, the park comes from the Mediterranean climate regions semi tropical, the plant species selected must match the climate of this style comes from. Broad leaf plants and high enough as ferns or palm fit applied in Mediterranean-themed park. Meanwhile, the country house style can choose the type of plants with flowers, orchids start to kind of seasonal flower plants.

In the garden, small terrace unified frontier can be introduced there. Equipped with wooden chairs and tables for lounging area tea drinking. Presence chairs and tables can reinforce the impression that the park is in front of him. To support your view that the park shelter was dynamic, each style house has its own characteristics in the use of garden accessories, such as natural stone, sculpture, or carvings in the park. Frog-shaped statues complete with fish pond in the park suitable for Mediterranean-style house.

Natural stone cream was aligned to be complementary if this style garden. While for the house style of minimalist, natural stone is more likely to use black or gray. Harmony fence design in determining the beauty of a garden. Its presence can strengthen the garden and home design as a whole. Typical country-style house with a fence made of wood intact. Unlike the case with a minimalist style of the house, more appropriate to use an iron fence with a design that is straight and simple.

Especially for a fence made of more suitable crops applied with Mediterranean-style house. Because this type of house is a blend of classic and modern. Sometimes even the plant's fence is made by applying the hyperbolic tree vines. Despite limited land should not be an obstacle in making a garden, park maintenance funding and need to be considered true. Creating a garden means making a living building, it is necessary to think about problems and maintenance costs.

Hollywood stars Antonio Banderas and Melanie Griffiths' garden seized as Spain cracks down on illegal coastal homes

Hollywood stars Melanie Griffiths and Antonio Banderas have been ordered to hand over a huge chunk of their £5million beachfront home as part of Spain's crackdown on illegal properties.
The Mask of Zorro star, 48, and his wife have been ordered to hand over 14,000 square feet of land.
The confiscated strip will allow public access to the beach - but will wreck the couple's 40ft swimming pool.
Actor Antonio Banderas and his wife actress Melanie Griffith arrive at the 56th annual Primetime Emmy Awards in Los Angeles this year. The couple face having their garden seized as Spain cracks down on overbuilding
Actor Antonio Banderas and his wife actress Melanie Griffith arrive at the 56th
annual Primetime Emmy Awards in Los Angeles this year. The couple face having
their garden seized as Spain cracks down on overbuilding
Planning chiefs say a large strip of land currently within the walls of the property should be made public.
A source said: 'The swimming pool itself will go untouched, but the area being seized goes right up to the edge of the pool, which will ruin their enjoyment of it.'
The couple bought the six-bedroom villa, called La Gaviota, near Marbella, as their summer home 12 years ago after renting it for a year. It had been granted a building licence two years previously.
Banderas, who is Spanish, used it to rehearse his part in the hit film The Mask of Zorro.
In 2003 the actor found the property at the centre of a row when the Andalusian High Court ruled the licence should not have been granted.
An aerial view of the £5million property owned by Antonio Banderas in Marbella on the Costa del Sol - with the large portion of its land that it is set to lose marked up
An aerial view of the £5million property owned by Antonio Banderas in Marbella
on the Costa del Sol - with the large portion of its land that it is set to lose marked up
Last year he was ordered to knock down a 300-square foot wing of the mansion.
He is still appealing that decision.
Now he has also been ordered to hand over part of his garden.
Spain's socialist government ordered a crack down on illegally built coastal homes last year.
Beachfront properties along 500 miles of the country's coastline are being targeted.
The Spanish authorities have also been cracking down on properties which have been granted planning permission despite being built on green-belt land.
In January 2008 British expats Len and Helen Prior watched as bulldozers tore down their £550,000 home in Vera, in south-east Spain.
The move sent shockwaves through British and Irish expat communities on the Costa Blanca and Costa del Sol.
A court has since ruled that the demolition was illegal.
By Tom Worden

Pond Refreshing Garden

Beautiful garden will look more alive and fresh with a pond.

The presence of a garden on the residential will bring beautiful ambience. Beauty can be soothing the eyes and soul. In addition to beautiful views, the park also brings good air circulation in the house.

Design garden with a pond in it can add cool the surrounding atmosphere. According to the science of feng-shui, water elements calm and cool character, can provide a balance for other elements. At the time of hot air, moisture from the pool can cool the air around the garden.

Make a pond in the garden is not difficult, really. We can make a garden with a simple design, but still beautiful. Limited in any land, can we have a pool in the garden.

But the pool requires regular maintenance to stay awake for cleanliness of the moss and plants bullies. So as not to bother, make a pond with a simple design, easy to manufacture and maintain.

A pool accessories also need to strengthen the artistic impression. How to beautify your garden pond? Consider the tips.

Natural stone
Make natural stone as a natural accent in the garden pond. Many kinds of natural stone which can be options, such as stone, sandstone, or coral brush. Each stone has a character.

Customize your design style rock with a desired pool. Black river stones that suggests a strong character cool, can be applied to modern tropical style pool to minimalist. Sandstone with a bright cream color most often used for Balinese-style pool or the Mediterranean.

Not complete without a gurgling sound pond water. Make a fountain or water fountain in the middle or the edge of the pond. The fountain became a pond accents look more fresh. Make sure the water circulation so that water flows smoothly without a hitch.

You can keep ornamental fish in the pond. Splashing fish swimming makes swimming more alive. But you should be more diligent in performing maintenance. You also have to make a pump to facilitate the circulation of oxygen in the water that fish need.

Water plants
Put the water plants in or on the edge of the pond. Water plants are manifold, including lotus, water Heliconia, jasmine water, and others. Make sure plants get enough sunlight in order to bloom.

Ornamental pond with a unique trinkets, such as animal sculptures, clay barrel, and so on. No need big statue, small statues with unique design will make the garden more attractive. If the pool is big enough, you can create a bridge in the center ornament.

Minimalist Garden

Minimalist Garden
Minimalist Garden
A good garden is a function that can synchronize between the environment surrounding the existing building. Likewise, the concept of a minimalist house would be great if the coordinate between the home and garden design is minimalist in order to establish a harmonious collaboration. Keep in mind you want to make the garden a natural minimalist.

If you will do yourself or hire an architect to help make it, you need a basic understanding of space proportionately, the combination of hard materials such as steel, concrete, glass, wood, exposed brick and not both, stone, granite, coral, gravel, etc.) as well as soft materials such as "shrubs, trees, shrubs, grass, etc." precisely so that you as a home owner can obtain or produce a harmony, and harmony between the park and surrounding area, building houses, and interior space. Why do you need a basic understanding about this? Because if you expose the dominance of a certain materials can produce different effects differ according to your taste.

Minimalist garden usually combine the application of simple and sophisticated technologies with you how to optimize natural materials, the complexity and philosophical symbolic meaning, pure and dramatization, colors and color matching.

Knowledge and understanding of the appropriate or right for a minimalist concept of Western State and Eastern countries will generate a matching minimalist garden between the buildings surrounding environment you have. You should know that the Western concept of minimalism is to emphasize the combination of the essence of art and architecture, the precise composition and precision, proportional, the purity of the material, a clear hierarchy of spaces and neat, reflecting the quality of the local culture and thinking. The difference with the East minimalist concept is a bit much influenced Zen Buddhism.

Park is a land that generally reflects the natural energy. Because of natural energy is the source of life, the presence of a minimalist home park you can provide the energy source of life for residents of the house or at least is the coolness of your heart.

Usual minimalist garden we find a combination of easy maintenance, compact, stylish, space efficient, and effective use, making the home garden concept increasingly popular minimalist various circles, especially in metropolitan cities who long for a natural presence in the house.

Minimalist garden are usually developed as a whole or only partially adjust to the available park land. Minimalist home garden can be built on the back or front yard, side yard, patio, etc..

Because of its function as a form of union with nature's house, several rooms in the house functions can be pulled out close to nature, such as living room and front porch garden, living room or dining room with minimalist garden beside him, semi-open bathroom in the park side. Park is located behind the minimalist can be developed as a family party comfortable enough.

Minimalist garden could be developed to your taste each, such as a water garden and pond water plants, tropical garden of flowering plants / leaf colors, garden therapy, aromatic garden plants such as certain distinctive aroma, garden of life pharmacy medicinal plants, or if you love cooking you can have an herb garden for your cooking needs daily. Before you decide which type you like, then you need to consider an easy plant maintenance and maintenance.

The presence of a compact minimalist garden, dynamic, practical, efficient, and effective will be able to make your house feel comfortable to get rid of your fatigue after working all day to enjoy cape dust increasingly stifling vehicle. And even by playing with the right lighting patterns can effect dramatic atmosphere, romantic, and the silence in the garden is minimalist in the evening.

You need to emphasize that a minimalist garden is a garden that does not require maintenance and care for all complicated considered very practical.

Create a Small Garden at thCorner of your Home Page

Beautiful, cool, calm, green, that was the impression of the park while I made a simple reply in one of the corner of my house.
It's not my house have a yard, let alone a garden, but I try to trick one of the vacant land around the house, which originally only served to place the goods - goods used goods less than helpful reply, it only takes a few bamboo to create a medium for investment, such stage, story - the so ..
It was deliberately I shape bamboo so aim to get around the limitations of land in my house.
And with a capital of several small pots, seedlings and seeds - flower seeds, I've managed to make my house look green corner.
At first it looks a little, but with the help of my mother who also hobby farming, I've managed to reproduce some of the pretty flowers popular with florists.
Several large pots I have been separated with this garden, some people also never bargained with the high prices, but I do not intend to sell it, let them make green house.
Likewise Adenium which I developed, has also been offered one, but what's money compared to the beauty of seeing a green garden.

From the story above my garden, I invited all my friends to plant.
For some ornamental plants, medicinal plants, plant trees, or whatever, which is important as far we can still see green in our environment
Is not that the plants produce oxygen bias? Plants also absorb CO2?
That's another benefit if we grow crops, has a lot of us know on TV, newspapers, or anywhere else, we recommend that the world has to grow, with the aim of spreading HELP GLOBAL WARMING PREVENTION Okay!!
I dream one day every citizen of the world have a green garden, whether it's just a pinch of grass in the corner of his house.