Designing the Garden as Residential Attractiveness

Choice of grass, plants, fences, and fish ponds in the park to strengthen the appeal of a dwelling. How to design a garden tips right? There are several aspects to consider in designing a garden in front of the house.

Experts say the main thing to note is the vast courtyard. With the vast size of the page that will be used, can design a garden that fits the form. Position or location of the park against the direction of the wind and the sun into something else that is not less important. Does the park have a lot of sun or just get half sun intake.

Another aspect that is not less important is the climate of a residential site is located. Therefore, the geographical position of a different dwelling will have a different climate. Thus, suitable plants for different garden too. Style will also affect the design house of a park. Should match the style of garden design in his home.
Designing a garden it needs to be harmonized with the house style used. When using a Mediterranean-style homes, in designing any garden design needs to refer to the origin of philosophy and style of the house. Therefore, the park comes from the Mediterranean climate regions semi tropical, the plant species selected must match the climate of this style comes from. Broad leaf plants and high enough as ferns or palm fit applied in Mediterranean-themed park. Meanwhile, the country house style can choose the type of plants with flowers, orchids start to kind of seasonal flower plants.

In the garden, small terrace unified frontier can be introduced there. Equipped with wooden chairs and tables for lounging area tea drinking. Presence chairs and tables can reinforce the impression that the park is in front of him. To support your view that the park shelter was dynamic, each style house has its own characteristics in the use of garden accessories, such as natural stone, sculpture, or carvings in the park. Frog-shaped statues complete with fish pond in the park suitable for Mediterranean-style house.

Natural stone cream was aligned to be complementary if this style garden. While for the house style of minimalist, natural stone is more likely to use black or gray. Harmony fence design in determining the beauty of a garden. Its presence can strengthen the garden and home design as a whole. Typical country-style house with a fence made of wood intact. Unlike the case with a minimalist style of the house, more appropriate to use an iron fence with a design that is straight and simple.

Especially for a fence made of more suitable crops applied with Mediterranean-style house. Because this type of house is a blend of classic and modern. Sometimes even the plant's fence is made by applying the hyperbolic tree vines. Despite limited land should not be an obstacle in making a garden, park maintenance funding and need to be considered true. Creating a garden means making a living building, it is necessary to think about problems and maintenance costs.

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