Minimalist Garden to Minimalist House

The unification of the house with a minimalist garden is believed to give the impression more harmonious in the concept of minimalist architecture. Minimalist house has a simple structure, little ornaments, and more emphasis on the function space. Therefore, the park which was created to accompany the concept of being loved house should also set up a minimalist. Plants or ornaments placed in a minimalist garden had to be selected in accordance with the characteristics of minimalist concept.

Plants that were presented in this minimalist garden could be the green grass, plants or weeds with various tropical plants, colorful flowers conspicuous.

Better to park built to house minimalist house adapted to the concept that the overall impression of the building stronger and thicker minimalist character. If the house combined with minimal non-minimalist garden, like the Mediterranean or the tropical gardens, it would blur the concept of building the house itself.

This, people often do, or because homeowners want to follow trends. For example, the house has a minimalist concept, but because it is a trend of tropical gardens, the owner's house and then change the concept of the park which was matched by follow-style residential gardens with neighbors or relatives.

In fact, if between house and garden buildings have the same concept, will be mutually reinforcing. Minimalist garden will be to strengthen the concept of minimalist buildings. If mixed-mixed or combined with the concept of disproportionate, an impression which will not show any maximum.

Just like building decorating minimalist, minimalist garden decorating is not so difficult. In this minimalist concept, the simplicity is striking. However, the simplicity of the show is a modern and elegant. Hard materials (hardscape) or soft materials (softscape) also presented rudimentary, not excessive in number and type.

Typically, a minimalist garden plants present only in a limited type. Minimum of only one type and a maximum of about three types of plants. Plants also tend to be simple and not too flashy.

Nevertheless, the character selected plants should highlight the strong minimalist impression. For example, the grass flat, small shrubs, plants straight grass type, or a small flowering plant.

Do not select the lush plant because the plant is more suited to fill the tropical garden. So do avoid the laying of the many twists and turns of plants or plant species lengkungannya because it usually fill Mediterranean garden. The selected colors should one color or one group. For example white or yellow color that reflects the minimalist impression.

If the driveway is wide enough, can bring the fish ponds that are not too deep in one corner of the park. His presence is intended to give a fresh and dynamic impression of the water and fish, which combined with the beauty of plants to minimize the rigid impression on the minimalist building.

Ornamental garden lighting can also contribute to beautify your minimalist garden. However, the Ancient suggested ornament lights do not appear prominently. For example by placing a fence or put them in the house.

Lights do not stand alone. Should unite with ornaments or other fields. The lighting was not too bright, enough to give it the reflection effect. Good luck

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