Create a Small Garden at thCorner of your Home Page

Beautiful, cool, calm, green, that was the impression of the park while I made a simple reply in one of the corner of my house.
It's not my house have a yard, let alone a garden, but I try to trick one of the vacant land around the house, which originally only served to place the goods - goods used goods less than helpful reply, it only takes a few bamboo to create a medium for investment, such stage, story - the so ..
It was deliberately I shape bamboo so aim to get around the limitations of land in my house.
And with a capital of several small pots, seedlings and seeds - flower seeds, I've managed to make my house look green corner.
At first it looks a little, but with the help of my mother who also hobby farming, I've managed to reproduce some of the pretty flowers popular with florists.
Several large pots I have been separated with this garden, some people also never bargained with the high prices, but I do not intend to sell it, let them make green house.
Likewise Adenium which I developed, has also been offered one, but what's money compared to the beauty of seeing a green garden.

From the story above my garden, I invited all my friends to plant.
For some ornamental plants, medicinal plants, plant trees, or whatever, which is important as far we can still see green in our environment
Is not that the plants produce oxygen bias? Plants also absorb CO2?
That's another benefit if we grow crops, has a lot of us know on TV, newspapers, or anywhere else, we recommend that the world has to grow, with the aim of spreading HELP GLOBAL WARMING PREVENTION Okay!!
I dream one day every citizen of the world have a green garden, whether it's just a pinch of grass in the corner of his house.

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