Pond Refreshing Garden

Beautiful garden will look more alive and fresh with a pond.

The presence of a garden on the residential will bring beautiful ambience. Beauty can be soothing the eyes and soul. In addition to beautiful views, the park also brings good air circulation in the house.

Design garden with a pond in it can add cool the surrounding atmosphere. According to the science of feng-shui, water elements calm and cool character, can provide a balance for other elements. At the time of hot air, moisture from the pool can cool the air around the garden.

Make a pond in the garden is not difficult, really. We can make a garden with a simple design, but still beautiful. Limited in any land, can we have a pool in the garden.

But the pool requires regular maintenance to stay awake for cleanliness of the moss and plants bullies. So as not to bother, make a pond with a simple design, easy to manufacture and maintain.

A pool accessories also need to strengthen the artistic impression. How to beautify your garden pond? Consider the tips.

Natural stone
Make natural stone as a natural accent in the garden pond. Many kinds of natural stone which can be options, such as stone, sandstone, or coral brush. Each stone has a character.

Customize your design style rock with a desired pool. Black river stones that suggests a strong character cool, can be applied to modern tropical style pool to minimalist. Sandstone with a bright cream color most often used for Balinese-style pool or the Mediterranean.

Not complete without a gurgling sound pond water. Make a fountain or water fountain in the middle or the edge of the pond. The fountain became a pond accents look more fresh. Make sure the water circulation so that water flows smoothly without a hitch.

You can keep ornamental fish in the pond. Splashing fish swimming makes swimming more alive. But you should be more diligent in performing maintenance. You also have to make a pump to facilitate the circulation of oxygen in the water that fish need.

Water plants
Put the water plants in or on the edge of the pond. Water plants are manifold, including lotus, water Heliconia, jasmine water, and others. Make sure plants get enough sunlight in order to bloom.

Ornamental pond with a unique trinkets, such as animal sculptures, clay barrel, and so on. No need big statue, small statues with unique design will make the garden more attractive. If the pool is big enough, you can create a bridge in the center ornament.

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