How to Select the type of Pot For Garden

Variety Pot crock pot or in the ornamental plant traders, suggests that the popularity of container plants is popularity. You interested? See this tips first! The centers ornamental plants, or crock pot row now looks increasingly varied. Various basic materials, sizes, colors and models available to choose from. Obviously suggests that the popularity of all container plants is popularity. You are also interested to use them in the garden? See first tips below.

Differences between Pot and crock
The word 'pot'-derived from English and Dutch-clearly based on an object that functions as a container plant. Vessel here can mean two. The first, ornamental plants planted directly in the pot, the pot after the previously filled with the media before planting. The second, but a pot "tools display", where the pot is "wrapped up" the original container plants (which are usually ugly). This is especially if the pot is an item that expensive, or rare antiques.

The crock is a container-usually made of clay-wide chat. Although the given name gentong (high, small talk), also classified in the family crock. Crock originally functioned as a venue more water, but slowly also used as container plants. Just like pot, ornamental plants can be planted directly, or with the pot, to include in the crock. Crock generally more used to water the plants, but legally-valid only if used to plant ornamental plants that use the planting soil media.

Basic Materials and Plant Characteristics
Any type crock pot and is now offered from a variety of basic materials, clay, mortar, ceramic, porcelain, plastic, even wood. Or finally finishing touch of any varies. Left plain according to the colors of nature, ornament, ornaments are given a prominent (such as profiles), combination with mozaic porcelain, stone, gravel. colored, and glazing. Overall this has been done in order to appear crock pot and interesting according to the tastes of each consumer.

But before buying, you should first consider the basic nature of container and ornamental plants that will be placed there, especially if the vessel is planned to accommodate the media as well as planting trees. For example, from the crock pot or clay have any bearing nature, cause the water leak out quickly so that the planting medium dry quickly.

So for the crock pot and clay should be chosen plants that need less water as many mirten. Or select the location of the pot a bit shady. If the trick is that you choose, be sure to select the type of plants that like calm (for example type in semi - door).

If the vessel is used to water plants (crock-pot and clay pot and a high wide chat), in the crock pot and clay should first be coated with cement paste to cover the pore-pore walls.

For crock pot or from the mortar, but is also berporus slightly more impermeable than the tebuat of clay. On the pot plastic / fiber is water-resistant and air. The weakness of the crock pot or plastic is the excess evaporation of water splash of water is obstructed so that the media often become a land too wet. As a result, the root-root plants will rot.

If using a plastic pot, make sure that the holes in the bottom of a pot quite a lot. And 1 / 3 of the bottom of the pot should be given the charcoal, rock or pumice stone and enhanced with a buffer of brick or iron. Thus, the excess water in the pot will easily flow out. To this crock or plastic pail more precisely, traders are often used as a decorative plant container plant water. But the water plant will usually grow more perfect when planted directly in the clay vessel the size of the security.

From the crock pot and ceramic or porcelain are also air and water impermeable. Although both are made from natural materials, after burning through the process, pores will moor. Show luxurious, expensive and heavy, this type is often used as tools display.

Meanwhile, the pot timber more suitable for ornamental plants that use the media chopping fern plant, elephant ear, or orchids, because the timber holding sufficient moisture. Crock of wood (ravine), can also water plants for the container, provided the inside be layering first with asphalt so that water-resistant.

Model and Size
Buy a crock pot or requires wise. In addition to the basic material, the size of the pot should be able to anticipate the growth of plants. After much time, plant size and shape will change. That is higher and more broad. Can be, and container plants are suited to appear at the beginning of the planting will not be proportionally longer. Then the vessel is too narrow will hamper the growth of plant roots which in turn also reduce the plant display perfection.

Physical form of the plants also need to adjust the shape and height of the vessel. For example, canopy trees and a broad rounded will appear elegant when the pot not too high and convex shape. Whereas plants that boast of a vessel requires a bit too high in order to appear balanced. Similarly, for plants that are to dangle down.

Model crock pot or should not be ignored, especially when things are trying to use as decorative elements of the garden. Avoid selecting a model pot size too crowded when the garden is limited. Form / model is strictly linear, simple in appearance, it will be placed after the prominent in the garden.

Stay empty Oke
In addition to tools display ornamental plants, crock pot, and now starting work as an aesthetic element in the garden. Although no plant is empty, but if the materials, shapes, and colors chosen vessel and placed with the tasteful, the vessel is thus will appear as an ornamental and functional point of interest garden captivating.

For example, a tiny garden that has been able to mesmerize the eye. Simply "a gentong, crock, pot, or high, slightly smaller crops in the legs, green grass carpet

Similarly, if some of terakota pot or a clay plain and simple, consisting of various shapes and filled with ornamental plants from the same species, are styled in an artistic group. The results certainly make you proud!

Green Grass Welcomer Guest

Feel the green house to give the impression cool nan friendly. Seems ready to welcome guests who come.

Not always have to park with lots of lush plants. Carpet grass is green enough to create a beautiful page. Such concepts as well as the entrance to create "friendly" to welcome guests.

Many people cover the entire home with cement floors and tiles. In fact, such circumstances can create the look fasad the "dry", rigid, not even friendly. Green natural solution can always be right "dilute" the view fasad stiffness.

No need to have a wide area. Land can also narrow tomaximize. To have not seen a full, no need to place many kinds of plants. Simply specify one or two types of plants. Focus on the edge (border), leave the middle empty. Thus, the area also appear relieved narrow. Green pages that were ready to welcome every guest who visited the house.

Make Garden In the Room

Many people concerned with an environment housing a beautiful and wonderful. Environment that can be built from the home garden. A page that any land we have, we can treat it as a park.

Does not actually own the garden can only be made on the open land. Parks can be made in the room. People know the park like this in the garden.

In the garden can be built on the open area in the room. For example innercourt on or in the open space in the building. Size innercourt it should not actually be trouble. It is important, inncercourt function as the exit and entrance of air into the building can be a maximum.

Now, to maximize its function, can be made on innercourt dry garden. There is a park on innercourt can help the air circulation in the house. Innercourt work on the garden, among others, provide a supply of fresh air on the inside of the house. Innercourt can also give the air temperature difference, so it can push hot air outside the building.

To create a garden on innercourt is actually no need to confused. Type of plants do not need much. A maximum of 2-3 types of plants. In addition consideration will ease maintenance, the garden created in order to harmonize the concept of minimal modern dwelling. The rest, you can add other elements such as types of natural stone or coral stone broken times. For more beauty, you add other elements such as gentong. If enough land, make a mini swimming shower as nuance through the sound of water.

Marigold Color Light and Smelly Fragrant

Marigold or in latin called Tagetes, still a "family" with Daisy. Fat rounded form of the interest rates, with the sheath of each bank. Interest rates are dominated by the color yellow and bright orange. Color "light" and this is a tempt many people to plant gardens in their marigold. Not only men, butterfly also tempted to come up.

Not only color, fragrant flowers of origin Mexico and South America is also fragrant. No wonder many perfume manufacturers, extract (essence) marigold flowers for their products.

Established bush
marigold grow. Usually grow with a height between 15cm-90cm, depending on the type. There are three types of marigold, French marigold, African marigold, marigold and Triploid.

French mar
igold grow with normal altitude between 15cm-30cm. Usually this type of flower has a yellow, orange, and bronze. African marigold can grow to reach a height of 90cm. Third type, Triploid marigold, is the result of the process of crossing (hybrid). He often flowering with the size of a large flower head.

View of the origin, marigold can be like the sun. He needs more than 12 hours a day under the sun. To support growth, prepare the planting media is fertile with good drainage. Spread regularly, and do not let the media dry. If the media moist, sprinkling delay. For planting in the pot, marigold usually require additional nutrition. Marigold require a lot of Nitrogen and potassium. Therefore, NPK fertilizer could be the right choice.

Garden Grass

Why grass garden house sometimes dry, not lush and green? In fact, it is maintained properly. In fact, the base of the problem not only in treatment, but also at the beginning of planting grass. There are several things that must be observed at the time of initial planting grass.

First, note area. In order for grass to grow to meet the land, take the land with grass evenly styled ago in the land that will be planted

Second, the land will be planted loosed first. Leave it up to 3 days, until the land dry up
and look destroyed. Then the soil is mixed with sand, next water flush. Grass ready to be planted. Grass would mushrooming.

Third, a good grass to plant when the summer or rainy. Because if you planted was much rain, grass growth will be hampered.

Fourth, in the beginning of the planting, grass flushing three times a day, for a week. The rest, twice daily, morning and afternoon. Fertilizer given a week after planting. Form the manure of a mixture of NPK and Urea. The provision of adequate fertilizer once at the beginning of the planting. The rest is not necessary. Moreover, if the grass looks lush and thick. Except, when the grass is visible yellow. To make green back enough to scatter Urea fertilizer.

How to Make Portulaca Blossom

Indeed spellbind, see how the Portulaca umbraticola and Portulaca grandiflora flowers with shining colors.
there are purple, red, yellow, white, red, and orange.

But sometimes when moved creased, the interest rates fall. Portulaca not even want to have flowers again even though many months.

For this case, does not want to flower again, there are many possibilities. The factor is one of the planting media. Media is a good mixture of compost and soil. Media in the pot plant is replaced at least once a month. Because, usually the root of fast stodge pot.

The most important, portulaca like the sun. Understand it quite refractory. Interest rates will rise when exposed to sunlight, and close pata afternoon. Hence portulaca pot should be put in the open.
This plant also does not require much water. In the dry season, sprinkling just once, in the morning. Marked with the emergence of color brown on the base of the stem.

Pot Plants Create Value Add

Pot become important elements in the treasury architecture. Since ancient Roman times, where tree planting flowers that are well known.

Pot also imaging taste owners. At least, the taste can be seen from a pot that is displayed in the garden flowers.

Seems accompany "madness" of ornamental plants, the presence of pot is complete madness. Existence is a critical element in the ornamental plant to be near perfection. Use pot itself is considered more flexible because the plants so easy to move, moved. In addition, most ornamental plants generally do not want to grow big and shoot up, so that should be planted in the pot. And several types of plants need planting media that difficult if not planted in the pot.

Raising the Price Plant Some sellers ornamental plants revealed that the shape and size of pot is able to inflate the selling price plants. Unique pot will make people interested.

Exclusive words in this case more meaning is: the essential own the property with different people. Therefore they prefer to buy rather than make their own pot market. It may be because the stupid form of creativity that made them exotic and sometimes not even matching with the plant and placement. A lot of people happy with the pot of cement, because it is strong and the form of various and unique. There are about 1.5 m high with a top surface until 1 m. Trim pot is unique. However, not a matter of beautiful gardens, of course not solely because of their unique pot. Also not as expensive precious plants. Create a charming garden that is a mix of plants, pot, and the most important: technical regulation. To keep your garden spellbind, note that the third

Tips on Creating a Roof Garden House

Many Building Does that started in the roof of the building (Green Roofs) for a little muffled, and it is hot air embellish. In fact not only for building our own home but can also do things like this.

Making over the garden or on the top of the house and even the plants can be placed not only make your home or a little more beautiful, but also can reduce the temperature of the heat in the house.

According to existing data, when the plant is in the eaves have about 10 cm high it can reduce the AC around 25%. A room that is located right under the Green Roof has a
lower temperature at around 3-4 ° Celsius compared with the air temperature outside the room. In addition to providing little comfortable in the house, plant house on the (green roof) can also reduce the damage to the roof, ie the concrete cracked, and so forth.

Green Roof also function as air filters that make the air clean, and as more information, 1 square meter at the grass roof can remove approximately 0.2 kg of particles of dirty air every year.

Not many but if all people do the same, it will be the changes mean for our beloved earth is. Create a garden on the house (roof), Dificult? The most important is the basis (the roof) that can be used to accommodate the water and does not leak and disposal channel is also important to note. And last, how do you think tospread? It looks like we will also try and let us be successful if we do so.

Tips For Self Gardening

This primary should be created in the garden is to know the types of characteristics and the flowers and plants that you plant. Do not choose plants just because the color or beauty merely. You need to know how to maintenance, needs water and fertilizer, and more importantly how long the plants can live in tropical climate. This can be asked directly to the merchant plants.

Do not forget if you want to create a flower garden in the house, planting crops that are also big and strong. Such as palm, banana, or of any other fan. Trees this work to strengthen the structure of the soil on your garden. So that more land so solid and strong.

Stone Flower & leaves produce a beautiful result. But do not forget the foliage and the stone. In the design of gardens, leaves and stones are used to enliven the garden with a difference. Foliage color and also provide a more diverse pattern. Not all the foliage is green, there are a variety of colors provided.

Do not limit your creativity only in the landscape, but also combine with the hardscape (walls, fences, gazebo). A good garden is not only beautiful from the inside, but beautiful from all sides. Both from the outside, and in the top. Hardscape is any one of the components that must be considered in designing the garden. Example: Use the walls and fences as a limitation or frame garden design, painting with a paint or a wall with natural stone that supports the concept of the garden.

The use of water can be an alternative to enhance your garden. Patterns on the water park is not only nice views, but will result in hanger and soft voice. Make it more easy than what be costly and not many. Materials provided plastic tubes, pumps, flexible tube, and water fountains cheap.

Elections interest in your garden is to be adjusted also with season flowers sprout from it. Flowers a certain type, it may only be grown in a particular month, but the other does not develop. This will affect the beauty of your garden. Not monoton addition, the garden is so beautiful more visible.

Style & Color In determining the color and style, not only views of how good the color and style, but how about the entire park. This is also the characteristics of growth. Whether they will be growth in the vertical, or curved to the side of the vine. How about the growth of their branches.

One of the activities that are simply making a raise in the maintenance, such as weed, cut grass that has been long, and more. To reduce the activity, choose the type of grass with a slow growth. That way you also do not need to interfere with the growth that can damage other plants. Bushes can also be used as an alternative. Similarly, with the stones.

The latter is, you must be smart in determining the types of flowers that will be planted in the garden where they grow. The needs of lighting, water, and the type of fertilizer is needed the things most important to note before you determine the interest

Tips Make in The Garden House

The garden at home can create atmosphere of calm and sanity itself. Plant variety that is also able to cleanly produce the beautiful mosaics. This of course will have positive impact.
Complement the garden is home. Design a beautiful and unique will make the stand. Create and design a garden at home is actually not too difficult. However, this should be adjusted to the conditions and the wide house.

In addition to utilizing the excess land, the garden can also be made in a way take advantage of one of the rooms in the house. This if there is no land left at all to do so because of limited land. If you want to build a park in the house note the following:

1. Adjust the number of plants with a wide area. To find out how many plants required to meet the land, the formula used was the area divided by the diameter seeds. For example, if the available area 1000 square centimeters, while the diamater seedlings 25 centimeters, the number of seeds required is 40 units.

2. If you do not have the remaining land that can be made garden, then choose one of the corner of the room to create a garden. But, this park is not permanent and temporary. You can select a corner of the living room, family room, the room or the other.

3. Choose plants according to the situation and conditions area. If the garden outside the room, where sunlight can be free, choose the appropriate plants. Some types of flowers can be a choice for the type of this garden . But if the park is in the room, select the type of plants that fit in the room (indoor plant), or the like calm. Choose plants of varying size. Create plants according to size so that the administration order to create a beautiful and interesting.

4. For the garden outside the room before the planted land, or be stirred first. This is so wild grass and weeds can die down to the root.

5. To create the more value the beauty, you can complete with garden accessories. For example, install the garden with a variety of beautiful design and interesting.

Make Up Tips Becoming Garden

Have you ever imagine that a page later when your home or yard can be a future garden or fruit garden of beautiful flowers beautiful nan? Yes, it can be make it, depending on our willingness and seriousness.

According to the fruit trees and flowers, anyone, who has her home page, the page can be built into the garden or flower garden. For to realize that not hard, just need to bounce up and treatment plants-plants.

According to me, at this time a lot of fruit or flower seeds sold in the market. Plants is generally superior seed that is ready to be developed. We choose to live the type of fruit or seeds flower what we want, everything is available. Plant fruit and flower seeds can planted in the yard or in the house with the pot. For fruit trees, usually use a larger pot, such as the drum, while the interest rate, smaller pottery.

Crops is placed where it all fit, but it should be placed on the point that gets sunlight. This growth is so good.

For this type of fruit trees that will be planted, it is recommended to be adjusted with a yard or home page. Do not planted in the small yard, then seed fruit trees, for example. This is certainly less appropriate, because, fruit trees will grow quite tall and broad development.

A more fitting for at the garden in a smaller area, such as mango. Pot plants can bear fruit even though this tree is still small and short.

To plant flowers, we choose a pot that matches the taste, but the recommended size is not too large. Because sometimes a big pot will disrupt the beauty of the flower itself. "Adjusted to the flower size .

So how fast the plants that flower or fruit. There was actually no secret that special plant or flower is quickly bear fruit. Treatment are also common, but need to take the time to take care soon so get the maximum results.

To plant flowers, we need to match the type of interest with the media and manure. For example, the rose. The media soil is mixed with animal dung that has been dried. In order for this rapid flowering plants we need to give NPK fertilizer.

Must be trimmed
In the rose, must be trimmed and cut stem. Each time you finish flowering, cut until short stem. With so shoots will appear again the fork. Once trimmed, give NPK fertilizer back around the stem (not the stem and leaves). The more branches, more and more will also show interest. In this way interest rates will continue to appear.

Plant other flowers also are similar, such as interest bougenvile. Remain to be done and the trimming of NPK fertilizer. Mentioned, NPK fertilizer is suitable for almost all types of flower plants, including fruit. This fertilizer will stimulate more rapid emergence of flowers and fruits on the plants. For fruit crops, which also need regular fertilization, for example once every three months. Now, along with the advance the agricultural industry, type of fertilizer on the market that is increasingly diverse. There is a special fertilizer to stimulate the emergence of the leaf ovary, there is also a root and stem. Basically it's all good fertilizer, provided that in accordance with the use recommendation.

Same with flowers, fruit trees should also be trimmed, so that new shoots and branches and the growth does not appear too high. Also arranged so that the leaf is not too dense, and therefore need to be cut. And most important, do not forget to sprinkling at least twice a day. If this routine is started, the plants flower and fruit will get maximum results. Home page and you will change into the garden or flower garden fruit.
Here are some tips and ways of making the garden care

1. Customize plants in the garden with the concept of home * House plants should use minimal irish yellow, tebebuia, big grass green and lili * Home-style tropical plants can use up, puring, philodendron, palm or Cambodia * House plants can use the traditional sour o* Park in the house can use plants that do not need much sun, such as yellow, palm, and sea carriage tricolour.

2. Use
of natural stone can be done to remove the impression monoton in a vast grass land

3. Plants in the room should be issued once every two weeks

4. Use a fertilizer that the plant does not die away

5. For flowering plants, you should use additional nutrition

6. Spray plants with anti-pest, if there is visible on the plant pest

7. Flush plants in the morning and afternoon, also flush stem plants, not only the land only
Tips Make You More Beautiful Garden

1. When at home you have five, not to plant plants or flowers that sticky and thorny.

2. If there are wheelchair users, should be made wide paths suitable size wheelchair
that will be used.

3. Take advantage of the garden as a hobby and needs of your plant, such as farming,
gardening keep the fish in the pond, where children play, and so forth

4. Park is a suitable place to think and refreshing, created garden as a place you're
looking for inspiration and peace

The Lost Language of Flowers and Foliage

In the mid 1800s, when someone created a bouquet, they created a message too. The message wasn't written in a letter or on a card, but in the flowers and foliage that made up the bouquet.

For the educated at that time, flowers and foliage had assigned meanings. So the combinations used to make bouquets conveyed messages, to be read only by others in-the-know.

The mythical origins of the language explains that they came from Turkey where a French painter wooed a Harem girl. He took her back to France as his wife where she taught European women to speak with flowers and foliage to their lovers. The Europeans then taught everyone else.

Some plant meanings are obvious, like the Venus' Fly-Trap signifying deceit and danger. Ouch! And a Lemon Branch meaning zest or vigor. Zing!

Some meanings are obvious if you know the Latin name for the flower, like the Daffodil. In Latin it's called a Narcissus, named for the vain god. The Daffodil signifies egotism.

The more interesting are the counter-intuitive ones, like a Cactus symbolizing warmth. But if you think about it, the Cactus grows in a warm climate. The prickliness is ignored.

It's interesting to note that some meanings are different than meanings we commonly accept today, such as for the Shamrock. It does not symbolize luck, but instead means lightheartedness.

And the holiday-season favorite, Mistletoe, does not mean a kiss, but instead means "I surmount difficulties". Perhaps the difficulty surmounted is how to get a certain person to let you kiss them, or how to get a certain person to kiss you? Just a thought...

One plant meaning is still commonly known. The Olive Branch is the universal symbol of peace. And you do still hear people say someone is as solid as an Oak. The Oak symbolizes bravery.

While the language of flowers and foliage is a dead language today, the dictionaries for this language still exist and inspire the more romantic, or devious, among us. If that includes you, here are some suggestions.

  • A bride's bouquet of Blue Violets and Forget-Me-Nots surrounded by Ivy promises a faithful and true love within marriage.
  • A Cabbage Rose and Lupines sent ahead by a date means the person will arrive as an ambassador of love, voracious for your company.
  • You could head off the ambassador with a bouquet of Orange Blossoms and Acacia Leaves declaring your chastity (with them) and offering friendship instead.
  • If you receive Variegated Tulips with Peonies it could be you have an admirer of your beautiful eyes who's too bashful to tell you in person.
  • Watch out for an Oleander Branch with Lavender around a Tuberose. Someone could be trying to tell you to beware and to distrust dangerous pleasures.
  • But Hollyhock with Sweet-Peas means someone has ambitions for delicate pleasures.
  • A sweet arrangement is Buttercups with Daisies and Magnolia, communicating a childish, innocent, love of nature.
  • Even sweeter is Honeysuckle, meaning generous and devoted affection.
  • At a time of loss, Pansies with either Red Poppies, Marigolds or Pine Branches tell a person of your thoughts for them of consolation, despair and pity.
  • But if the person mourning responds with Mimosa and Elm branches, they're telling you they're still sensitive yet coping with dignity.
  • Decorating your doorway with Oak Branches would signify your hospitality to your party guests as they arrive.
  • And a gift bouquet for your party host of Sweet Basil, Parsley, Mint, and Sage will not only make the food more flavorful, but also send good wishes for the festivity, and praises the host for their virtue, especially their domestic virtues.
  • The earthy combination of Grass and Wheat stocks means there's to be a submission with an expectation of great riches.
  • But for the broken heart, try sending the heart-breaker some Lettuce Leaves with Hydrangeas and one White Rose Bud. If they understand the language of flowers and foliage, they'll know you consider them a cold-hearted, boaster who's heart is ignorant of love.

I'll leave you with an Oak leaf with an Olive Branch, or the wish that you're brave enough to seek peace where you now have strife.

How to Make Adenium Rapid Flowering

There are many ways to make quick Adenium rapid flowering.So that the beautiful garden.
I have the
tricks themselves. I think so Adenium fast flowering, the medium needs to. Not enough sand use only, need to use the media layer.
Bottom layer: consists of styroform approximately one third of the pot contents. The goal is to be smooth drainage. Layer in the given the top media consisting of sand, soil, and biokoko, plus NPK fertilizer grain shape. The material is mixed until evenly distributed. Fill in the pot, not fully.Adenium ready to be planted on the media. NPK fertilizer grain again. As the top layer, let the pot full of soil. After planting, flush adenium with water. Put in the shade, during the week. After growth, place in the sun directly. Media need to be replaced regularly. When the media has begun to hard and not fertile, replace immediately. Sign, and the plants grow short not flower. If it is so, the media must be demolished. Watch full pests that attack roots. For example flyblow beetle, dog land, and others. This pest can spend the root, while the plant still appears intact. If it is so, perforce media also must be dismantled.

Growing bonsai for a particular cause is different from the viewpoint of those people who look for an interesting plant, glance at a bonsai, buy it and take it home with great pleasure. The thing these people do not realize is that the bonsai is absolutely an outdoor plant, never an indoor one, though since the 1990s it is absolutely used as a part to add glamour to indoor decoration. Plants of different kinds are used for indoor bonsai as opposed to outside, so it must be taken into account where to place the tree in an ideal manner.
If a tree is brought home inside what would be done with it? The bonsai is that tree whose shape may be given after one’s own whims. It never changes, never dies. It’s a plant that is always lively and needs attention and pruning to remain after one’s own choice.

the best bonsai caring ways

Bonsai must be placed in an area where enough light is available. If a bonsai fails to have enough UV rays, it dries. The bonsai needs warmth in the daytime - at least 60 degree Fahrenheit and the humidity to flourish. Regular spraying on the leaves with water is mandatory. However, bonsai can never be placed in a saucer or tray filled with water, as this can rot the roots. At night what the bonsai needs most is cooling down as it occurs in the nature as well.

Repotting of the bonsai once every two years or so is very crucial and this
should be done in the spring. When the re-potting is made the roots should be pruned. Depending on the size of the roots, 1/3 to 2/3 should be removed from the tips. Repotting in a similar type of container as the original is necessary to create the same kind of effect. Drainage holes for the water must be cared of. If the roots come in close contact of much damp they will rot gradually.

Bonsai containers should be shallower than normal indoor pots used for plants. So if fertilizer is added dilution is to be accordingly otherwise the fertilizer will burn the roots. Bonsai should be fed this fertilizer about once every three weeks - but it should not be fed in winter.

Bonsai needs to be “pruned” and “pinched back” at a regular interval to keep it at the desired shape. Actually, this should be done in the spring before the season’s growth begins, and then regularly throughout the season. Actually everything depends on perfect pruning .It must be taken care of what kind of tree was got before this pruning - for example, if a ficus is taken all the leaves should be cut back.

Take Care of the Bonsai to be amused

As the bonsai is kept in a shallow container, it can attract pets and prone to be diseased. Bonsai requires more care. Even more than any other plant we generally see at hand

1. The bonsai should be cleaned with a small brush on a regular basis. Any plant debris on the soil is not allowed after the finishing of pruning the bonsai.. It will decompose and hamper the growth with fungal diseases or moss.

There is a common idea that moss is decorative and is not removed. If this is the case it should be kept away it form the trunk and branches of the tree - using a special spatula, or a hard nylon toothbrush just scraping away . A pair of tweezers is needed to remove any weed and it must be remembered that any grass can steal nutrients away from the tree.

2. Pests always sh
ould be kept away. As bonsai is watered often to keep it humid, this attract

pests such as aphids (aka greenfly), caterpillars, ants and red spider mites.

Diseases to combat

Diseases like Powdery mildew are the most widespread fungus disease. If a white, floury layer on

the shoots and leaves of the tree is seen it is nothing but powdery mildew. Rust may appear as orange or brown patches on the leaves. You may be using too much potassium in the soil, if this begins to occur.
Iron deficiency will cause yellowing of the trees. The leaves or needles will turn yellow - while the veins will remain green. This usually takes place in chalky or lime soil, which “locks up” the iron.

Repot and changes in the potting compost should be done.

The four seasons to notice

Special treatments for the outdoor bonsai will need special treatment in each of the four seasons, but even the indoor bonsai needs special treatment at times, for the biological necessities, rather

than environmental ones.

There’s no need to give fertilizer during the winter, for example Pruning for shape should be done in early spring, and, as stated earlier, repotting should take place in the spring of every second year, and the roots trimmed.

How To Keep Cats Away From Your Garden

How To Keep Cats Away From Your Garden

Your first line of defense when keeping cats out of your garden is to make sure that you have your boundaries secure. If there are any gaps in y

our fence, you should make sure that you block them to prevent any low access. Cats are very agile animals, an

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n jump very high. Normally they can jump a fence, which is why you should also invest in string or taut wire across the top.

If a cat has made his way into your garden, it may be hard to get him out. Most people choose to use dogs, simply because dogs are known to dislike cats. There are several dog breeds out there that completely dislike cats, such as pit bulls and Dobermans. Cats are completely fearful of these breeds, and will flee if they see them around.

All cats are known to despise water as well. If you spot a cat in your garden, water almost always gets him out. All it takes is a bucket of water or a well aimed squirt with a garden hose to make him run away. After you have hit the cat with water several times, he should get the hint not to come back anymore. If he comes back, simply squirt him or throw more water on him until he gets the idea.

Protecting your plants is a different story. Mothballs are said to be very effective, as cats don't like the smell. You can use mothballs around your plants, garden borders, or even along the fence. There are other repellents that you can use as well, such as cayenne peppers, tobacco, lavender oil, citronella oil, mustard oil, and even lemon grass oil.

If you visit your local hardware or lawn store, you can find motion activated sprinklers. They work great in keeping cats out of your garden. Once you install the sprinkler system and a cat comes into the area, the detector will pick up the cat's presence and immediately shoot out a jet of water that will douse the cat. In most cases, all it takes is a few times of exposure to the sprinkler before a cat learns to stay out of that area.

Sound devices that feature high frequencies are also a great way to scare off cats, although they aren't annoying to humans. You can find several different models, such as those that stay on all the time, and those that are motion detected. To use this type of device, you'll need to make sure that the model you have is strong enough to cover the entire area. If you model you are using is strong enough to cover your entire garden, it should suffice in scaring off any unwanted animals.

You can also use commercial repellents as well. Commercial repellents use scents to keep cats away, and shouldn't be used near any food crops. Due to their high chemical content, commercial repellents can pollute your crops. You can find them at your local department store, with several varieties to choose from, many of which will fend off other animals from your garden as well.

If you have a garden, it can be very annoying if cats and other animals decide to make your garden their home. If you stick to your guns and do your part, you can prevent them from bothering your garden or your crops. Once you have secured your boundaries around the garden, you should try using water first. If water doesn't seem to work, you can look into another method, such as commercial repellents.

By Janice Sherwood