Make Up Tips Becoming Garden

Have you ever imagine that a page later when your home or yard can be a future garden or fruit garden of beautiful flowers beautiful nan? Yes, it can be make it, depending on our willingness and seriousness.

According to the fruit trees and flowers, anyone, who has her home page, the page can be built into the garden or flower garden. For to realize that not hard, just need to bounce up and treatment plants-plants.

According to me, at this time a lot of fruit or flower seeds sold in the market. Plants is generally superior seed that is ready to be developed. We choose to live the type of fruit or seeds flower what we want, everything is available. Plant fruit and flower seeds can planted in the yard or in the house with the pot. For fruit trees, usually use a larger pot, such as the drum, while the interest rate, smaller pottery.

Crops is placed where it all fit, but it should be placed on the point that gets sunlight. This growth is so good.

For this type of fruit trees that will be planted, it is recommended to be adjusted with a yard or home page. Do not planted in the small yard, then seed fruit trees, for example. This is certainly less appropriate, because, fruit trees will grow quite tall and broad development.

A more fitting for at the garden in a smaller area, such as mango. Pot plants can bear fruit even though this tree is still small and short.

To plant flowers, we choose a pot that matches the taste, but the recommended size is not too large. Because sometimes a big pot will disrupt the beauty of the flower itself. "Adjusted to the flower size .

So how fast the plants that flower or fruit. There was actually no secret that special plant or flower is quickly bear fruit. Treatment are also common, but need to take the time to take care soon so get the maximum results.

To plant flowers, we need to match the type of interest with the media and manure. For example, the rose. The media soil is mixed with animal dung that has been dried. In order for this rapid flowering plants we need to give NPK fertilizer.

Must be trimmed
In the rose, must be trimmed and cut stem. Each time you finish flowering, cut until short stem. With so shoots will appear again the fork. Once trimmed, give NPK fertilizer back around the stem (not the stem and leaves). The more branches, more and more will also show interest. In this way interest rates will continue to appear.

Plant other flowers also are similar, such as interest bougenvile. Remain to be done and the trimming of NPK fertilizer. Mentioned, NPK fertilizer is suitable for almost all types of flower plants, including fruit. This fertilizer will stimulate more rapid emergence of flowers and fruits on the plants. For fruit crops, which also need regular fertilization, for example once every three months. Now, along with the advance the agricultural industry, type of fertilizer on the market that is increasingly diverse. There is a special fertilizer to stimulate the emergence of the leaf ovary, there is also a root and stem. Basically it's all good fertilizer, provided that in accordance with the use recommendation.

Same with flowers, fruit trees should also be trimmed, so that new shoots and branches and the growth does not appear too high. Also arranged so that the leaf is not too dense, and therefore need to be cut. And most important, do not forget to sprinkling at least twice a day. If this routine is started, the plants flower and fruit will get maximum results. Home page and you will change into the garden or flower garden fruit.

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