Tips For Self Gardening

This primary should be created in the garden is to know the types of characteristics and the flowers and plants that you plant. Do not choose plants just because the color or beauty merely. You need to know how to maintenance, needs water and fertilizer, and more importantly how long the plants can live in tropical climate. This can be asked directly to the merchant plants.

Do not forget if you want to create a flower garden in the house, planting crops that are also big and strong. Such as palm, banana, or of any other fan. Trees this work to strengthen the structure of the soil on your garden. So that more land so solid and strong.

Stone Flower & leaves produce a beautiful result. But do not forget the foliage and the stone. In the design of gardens, leaves and stones are used to enliven the garden with a difference. Foliage color and also provide a more diverse pattern. Not all the foliage is green, there are a variety of colors provided.

Do not limit your creativity only in the landscape, but also combine with the hardscape (walls, fences, gazebo). A good garden is not only beautiful from the inside, but beautiful from all sides. Both from the outside, and in the top. Hardscape is any one of the components that must be considered in designing the garden. Example: Use the walls and fences as a limitation or frame garden design, painting with a paint or a wall with natural stone that supports the concept of the garden.

The use of water can be an alternative to enhance your garden. Patterns on the water park is not only nice views, but will result in hanger and soft voice. Make it more easy than what be costly and not many. Materials provided plastic tubes, pumps, flexible tube, and water fountains cheap.

Elections interest in your garden is to be adjusted also with season flowers sprout from it. Flowers a certain type, it may only be grown in a particular month, but the other does not develop. This will affect the beauty of your garden. Not monoton addition, the garden is so beautiful more visible.

Style & Color In determining the color and style, not only views of how good the color and style, but how about the entire park. This is also the characteristics of growth. Whether they will be growth in the vertical, or curved to the side of the vine. How about the growth of their branches.

One of the activities that are simply making a raise in the maintenance, such as weed, cut grass that has been long, and more. To reduce the activity, choose the type of grass with a slow growth. That way you also do not need to interfere with the growth that can damage other plants. Bushes can also be used as an alternative. Similarly, with the stones.

The latter is, you must be smart in determining the types of flowers that will be planted in the garden where they grow. The needs of lighting, water, and the type of fertilizer is needed the things most important to note before you determine the interest

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