How to Make Portulaca Blossom

Indeed spellbind, see how the Portulaca umbraticola and Portulaca grandiflora flowers with shining colors.
there are purple, red, yellow, white, red, and orange.

But sometimes when moved creased, the interest rates fall. Portulaca not even want to have flowers again even though many months.

For this case, does not want to flower again, there are many possibilities. The factor is one of the planting media. Media is a good mixture of compost and soil. Media in the pot plant is replaced at least once a month. Because, usually the root of fast stodge pot.

The most important, portulaca like the sun. Understand it quite refractory. Interest rates will rise when exposed to sunlight, and close pata afternoon. Hence portulaca pot should be put in the open.
This plant also does not require much water. In the dry season, sprinkling just once, in the morning. Marked with the emergence of color brown on the base of the stem.

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