How to Make Adenium Rapid Flowering

There are many ways to make quick Adenium rapid flowering.So that the beautiful garden.
I have the
tricks themselves. I think so Adenium fast flowering, the medium needs to. Not enough sand use only, need to use the media layer.
Bottom layer: consists of styroform approximately one third of the pot contents. The goal is to be smooth drainage. Layer in the given the top media consisting of sand, soil, and biokoko, plus NPK fertilizer grain shape. The material is mixed until evenly distributed. Fill in the pot, not fully.Adenium ready to be planted on the media. NPK fertilizer grain again. As the top layer, let the pot full of soil. After planting, flush adenium with water. Put in the shade, during the week. After growth, place in the sun directly. Media need to be replaced regularly. When the media has begun to hard and not fertile, replace immediately. Sign, and the plants grow short not flower. If it is so, the media must be demolished. Watch full pests that attack roots. For example flyblow beetle, dog land, and others. This pest can spend the root, while the plant still appears intact. If it is so, perforce media also must be dismantled.

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