Marigold Color Light and Smelly Fragrant

Marigold or in latin called Tagetes, still a "family" with Daisy. Fat rounded form of the interest rates, with the sheath of each bank. Interest rates are dominated by the color yellow and bright orange. Color "light" and this is a tempt many people to plant gardens in their marigold. Not only men, butterfly also tempted to come up.

Not only color, fragrant flowers of origin Mexico and South America is also fragrant. No wonder many perfume manufacturers, extract (essence) marigold flowers for their products.

Established bush
marigold grow. Usually grow with a height between 15cm-90cm, depending on the type. There are three types of marigold, French marigold, African marigold, marigold and Triploid.

French mar
igold grow with normal altitude between 15cm-30cm. Usually this type of flower has a yellow, orange, and bronze. African marigold can grow to reach a height of 90cm. Third type, Triploid marigold, is the result of the process of crossing (hybrid). He often flowering with the size of a large flower head.

View of the origin, marigold can be like the sun. He needs more than 12 hours a day under the sun. To support growth, prepare the planting media is fertile with good drainage. Spread regularly, and do not let the media dry. If the media moist, sprinkling delay. For planting in the pot, marigold usually require additional nutrition. Marigold require a lot of Nitrogen and potassium. Therefore, NPK fertilizer could be the right choice.

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