Here are some tips and ways of making the garden care

1. Customize plants in the garden with the concept of home * House plants should use minimal irish yellow, tebebuia, big grass green and lili * Home-style tropical plants can use up, puring, philodendron, palm or Cambodia * House plants can use the traditional sour o* Park in the house can use plants that do not need much sun, such as yellow, palm, and sea carriage tricolour.

2. Use
of natural stone can be done to remove the impression monoton in a vast grass land

3. Plants in the room should be issued once every two weeks

4. Use a fertilizer that the plant does not die away

5. For flowering plants, you should use additional nutrition

6. Spray plants with anti-pest, if there is visible on the plant pest

7. Flush plants in the morning and afternoon, also flush stem plants, not only the land only

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