Green Grass Welcomer Guest

Feel the green house to give the impression cool nan friendly. Seems ready to welcome guests who come.

Not always have to park with lots of lush plants. Carpet grass is green enough to create a beautiful page. Such concepts as well as the entrance to create "friendly" to welcome guests.

Many people cover the entire home with cement floors and tiles. In fact, such circumstances can create the look fasad the "dry", rigid, not even friendly. Green natural solution can always be right "dilute" the view fasad stiffness.

No need to have a wide area. Land can also narrow tomaximize. To have not seen a full, no need to place many kinds of plants. Simply specify one or two types of plants. Focus on the edge (border), leave the middle empty. Thus, the area also appear relieved narrow. Green pages that were ready to welcome every guest who visited the house.

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