Rear Garden Area Make Beautify Bathroom

rear garden - makegardening.blogspot.comRear Garden Area Make Beautify BathroomArea bathroom in this house is unusual. The reason there is a garden around it. Curious what kind? Consider the following!
Park in this photo could be one of the inspirations behind the use of land. Some land is already "eaten" for the bathroom, the rest is used as innercourt, aka the park in the space. No fuss, really, make it. Those who would rather "anti" with the land, this park is located on the upper surface covered with cement.
Plants potted plants are placed as a substitute for directly buried into the ground. Due to a narrow area, can not put too much pot, pot rack solution is made of metal. Usually, this rack can accommodate three to five small and medium-sized pot.

Plus a small water fountain, more so natural impression of this park. Not to forget the stretch of coral. Also well placed round stepping stone, a "guide" people into the bathroom. In the back corner, adjacent to the bathroom door, so that no innocent, placed wall lamps, which illuminate the artwork underneath. Beautiful, right?
If you notice, at the top of the water fountain there is a hole measuring 100cm x 20cm. Point for the exchange as a route of entry of air and sunlight. Now, with this inspiration seems less and less reason not to make a garden at home, huh? Good luck!