Garden House

My home is my palace. Every person must have longed for a comfortable atmosphere at home, and one of them is with a garden house. As we all know that a lot of housing that carries the theme of life back to nature by presenting the park in front of the home garden or public park.

Garden concept is implemented by many housing as a solution to the dream of the city's already very tired of living in the crowded metropolis, chaotic, and full of pollution. Surely the presence of a garden or garden house has become a necessity.

Park may be different functions for each individual. But generally, in addition to providing shade and coolness of the atmosphere surrounding the park's presence also will help to highlight a house. Most communities use the garden as a place of personal refreshing, and some that use it as a producer of vegetables and fruits, children playground or to the pet animals. And also can park to show your expression, for example if you like gardening organic fruit trees, the garden area can be utilized as well.

This what you need to consider in making the park are as follows:

* If there is a toddler, then do not grow plants or flowers are sticky and thorny.
* Take advantage of the garden as a hobby and means of your needs such as gardening, farming, keeping fish in the pond, children's playground, and so on.

Park is a good place to think and refreshing, then create the garden to create a slogan and as a court house where you find inspiration and tranquility after work.

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