Benefits of Gardening

What are the benefits that can be obtained with the gardening? Here are some benefits when gardening as a hobby in addition to the fun.

Positive Impact to Health
Gardening, as are sports to burn calories, so good for health. When gardening, you will be doing activities such as cut grass, trim trees, trim pot, planting flowers and plants, giving the plant fertilizer and flush. Gardening activities will burn between 280 calories to 380 calories per hour. The number of calories burned is the same with sexual activity for 3 hours or equivalent of jogging or running for 30 minutes or run the 2.5 km distance. Even the garden is able to burn more calories than cycling. Gardening is equivalent to the sport in the gym who will spend a lot of money. In addition, this activity is to support the physical and psychological health.

Gardening activities are also useful for men's health, especially in sexual matters. Gardening can overcome the problem impotensi or Erectile Dysfunction for men. With gardening for men, will reduce the risk impotensi.

Lower Levels of Stress
Gardening is also able to decrease the level of stress someone. After finishing the day or week is busy and full of stress, will be very exciting to go home and start gardening at the end of the day or on weekends. Gardening activities can function as a remover feeling stress, pain and frustrated. In addition, while waiting for germination and plant a flower bud, it will help someone practice patience and look to the future with positive thoughts.

For those who are elderly (elderly), the garden also has many benefits. Caring for plants capable of making the elderly feel that they still needed and not lonely.

For those who have experienced mental health problems or have a psychological disturbance, gardening activities also have a positive impact. With gardening, someone can feel comfortable and calm. Moreover, if the garden with plants and flowers are beautiful and a peaceful environment. Next, the caring and gardening flowers can help someone get the confidence.

However, not only people who benefit from the garden of a make green environment . People who live in or around the house with a beautiful garden will also benefit. Some research shows that people will feel more pleased with the environment a lot of green plants.

Cure Diseases and Speed the Recovery Process Health
Some patients found the hospital will recover more quickly if it is in the environment or are in the green room that has a indoor plant. When the measured blood pressure and heart tap, people with diseases that are currently in treatment period ago is in the green environment will recover more quickly. So if you have a sick family members, then create a garden with a beautiful house and speed healing of the family members.

In addition, with the garden, the lower the blood pressure can someone so avoid hypertension. Gardening activities are also able to help people with diabetes. Because the number of calories burned, direct effect of sugar in the body.

Extend The Age
Because health is stable and calm the mind that, then this will affect the age. Results of research shows that happy people are gardening average period of time have longer lives than those who do not like gardening.

Of course, the fun gardening activities. You can have a beautiful tiny garden in your home or garden with wide, full of luscious green trees deemed eyes. This activity is also more fun than useful. Try to start making your yard into a house with more green gardening.

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  1. Hope I can have a good garden also. In my blogs are pictures of flowers from garden also - you can add it to benefits of gardening :).