The Practical Garden Minimalis

Land narrow and have no time to spare, why not again do not have gardens. Try to wake up concept minimalist garden. Who knew the solution could be right for you.

Land is often narrow the reason a home does not have a garden. In addition to the occupation of the house owner, who does not want to make too busy managing the garden and plants.

While the existence of the park, can provide many benefits. Not only embellish the look fasad house, the garden is also one of the best solution for air circulation. How to make a minimum on the land?

Not difficult! There is a solution for every problem. Limited to land, building a small garden berkonsep minimal. This garden is a garden that requires the concept of practicality. Options type plants (softscape) tend to be of the type that is easily
treated and planted. For example, onion, palm, Euphorbia, and others. Crops do not need a sprinkling too often. In addition, they also heat resistant and weather changes.

Not only plants, furniture and accessories also should be minimal treatment. The options can use a natural stone or coral sowing. Dark-colored natural stone, such as rock or stone temple, will not be easy to look dirty, so it does not need to be cleaned often.

While sowing coral rock, can be applied as a substitute for grass. But it does not mean minimalist garden should not be planted grass carpet. May, the grass that is easy to select the treatment, such as elephant mini grass.

Minimalist garden can be applied in a variety of sizes of land. Living clever-clever set the location softscape and hardscape, so even if it is still beautiful in the land that is also minimal.

To increase the beauty of the garden, the garden can be combined with elements of traditional Indonesian style. These elements can be added in the amount of which is also minimal, alias does not dominate the space in the garden. For example, planting trees and ornaments Cambodia Bali style to create the feel of Bali.

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