Sanseveira Pollutant Cleaning

One interesting of the power plant is this functioning as a plant cleaning pollutant. Mothers of things like this because they are responsible for the health care family members. We may often see the trees in the street. Leaves with a long and straight, sansevieria evidently able to absorb pollutant especially cigarette smoke. When our guests coming who smoke or have family who smoke the cigarette smoke that can be absorbed by plants, so this smell be quickly lost.

Treatment plant is very easy. There is no need for water or excessive fertilizer, so we are not bothered to made. This plant is able to survive even if some days not watering. Only for the use of water, sansevieria more like the media to dry so that water must be protected from excessive rain or when the time sprinkling. Sanseviria can live in a place that many in the room light or the light intensity is less. Therefore, this plant can be placed inside or outside the room.

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