Caparison Terrace with Many Plants

Attendance plants, other than the harmonious, also provides fresh air in both the terrace and the other rooms in the house. Then, the plants are suitable for this room? I plant the terrace is good for plants that are easy and not fussy care. Type of plant that is vine plants and hanging plants.

When the vine plant , you can add a medium bamboo pole or roof of a water-resistant plastic. In addition it seems calm and beautiful, this plant is also relatively easy. Alamanda For example, the tears, girl eating betel, betel ivory, or florida beauty.

If the plant can be sized terrace rarely big because of limited land. Most of the plants, bushes. The options ranged in bougenvil plants, glass plates, palm, pandanus bali, banana and a small fan.

Often, people use the hanging pot rack, or which can accommodate more kinds of plants. Pot rack that are sold in the market a variety of shapes. A decorative frame mad
e of iron with a beautifully formed.

So that not too heavy, usually a pot rack and a small growing flowering . As Adenium and Euphorbia, the middle two plants increased leaf. May also kastuba, red-leaved plants and green, and the aster flower colors and Anthurium flowers.

To put the pot on the floor, usually the contents of the plant pot feet. For the small, many are now available a variety of plastic pot that's currently popular. Other options, there is a pot-pillar, ie pot-shaped box to sweep up.
So sparingly, Plant a variety of plants in large pot.

In the land that borders the terrace, suitable vegetation planted
fluorescent so that rain water that fell did not bounce back and go to the terrace. Maria recommends that you choose the tea-plants, purslane, oleander, and palm squirrel tails. If you want to throw a fragrant bush, choose the jasmine plant.

If you want to fluorescent
flowering plants, there is also a type of baby rose. For those who want to plant flowering and quickly lusted color, choose Lantana.

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