Tip Made Pond in the Garden

Park when the pool can make a cool atmosphere. Cold water is calm and keep the balance for others. Gurgling of water in the pool will give you peace, quiet and fresh in house. When the air is getting warmer, the water can cool the air in the house. Therefore make a pond in the park.

No need to have a large garden fish pond in order to put in it. No matter how wide your garden, can be made a fish pond as a supporting element of beauty. Important note is to be adjusted with the aim of making the pool. For example, if intended as a koi pond it should be slightly larger in size.

In addition the depth of the pool is important, at least be able to make room for the fish to dive into the surface water temperature in the hot sun. It is also one way to save your ornamental fish from the reach of animals like cats, when the depth of the pool is too shallow.

Of course it takes careful planning to get the pool in accordance with the wishes. Here are some simple things that you follow the bias to make your garden pond.

Plan the location of the pool as close as possible to where the water or sewer. Make a hole in the bottom line with the position of the channel is lower than pond water. This is because the principle of water will always fall to a lower place to facilitate maintenance. One thing to watch is not put a pond too close to a tree whose leaves can fall in the pool, because it will quickly make the pool dirty. But should also not exposed to direct sunlight. Enough for 4-6 hours a day. You do this by planting trees shrubs around the pond.

The design carefully planned pool will be much better result than if made pond perfunctory. There are several important aspects that make the pond look nice bias include:

Natural Stone. Make natural stone as an accent in the garden pond. A wide variety of natural stone that could be an option, such as stone, sandstone, or coral brush. Every stone has character. Customize your stone with the desired design style pool. Black stone that gives the impression of cool strong character, can be applied to modern tropical style pool to minimalist. Sandstone with a bright cream color most often used for the Bali-style pool or the Mediterranean

Showers. Incomplete without a gurgling sound of water pond. Make a fountain or a fountain in the middle or the edge of the pond. Fountain to accent that makes the pond look more fresh. Make sure the water circulation so that the water flows smoothly without a hitch.

Fish. You can keep your fish in the pond. Splashing of fish that swim to a pool of more life. But you have to be more diligent maintenance. You also have to make the pump to facilitate the circulation of oxygen in the water that fish need.

Water the plants. Put the water in the plant or in the pool. Water plants are manifold, including lotus, water jasmine, and others. Make sure plants get enough sunlight in order to bloom.

Ornaments. Ornamental ponds with unique trinkets, such as animal figurines, clay bowl, and so forth. Needless to large sculptures, small statues with unique design will make the park more attractive. When the pool is large enough, you can create a bridge in the center ornament.

Clean parks, pools and ponds around periodically to keep awake beauty. Pool water filters need regular maintenance to keep it functioning properly. We recommend replacing the water filter made 2 months. In order to not get muddy pool of water, use zeloit stone commonly used for swimming pools. In addition as an ornamental, stone zeloit can also drag the dirt particles in the water. so as to maintain the pool water is always clean.

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