Let's Create New Garden with Junior

Confused want to spend this weekend where with your baby? Want to nature holiday? Holidays in nature should not be expensive or identical with the long journey. But, it takes the skills of observation and creativity. You must be diligent in observing the environment. Is there a lake, pond fish, or a children's playground. Or, you can create your own exciting activities at home, which is recreation.

You can fill out the weekend by getting your baby to make a new garden in the yard. The title, anyway, gardening, but in the process the child is given the freedom to create their own garden. Starting from choosing the plant, mixing plant color, shape design and planting and care.

These activities not only distract children from their daily routines, but also the child's creative media. Especially when they see the plants grow it, grow a sense of complacency which emerging appreciation of his own children.

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