A Garden in a Narrow Field

Normally people leave the hall next to an empty house, just for the road. Let us take advantage by making it a park.

Side alley, as access to the rear of the house, it could be a beautiful area. In fact, there could be a center of attraction the whole house. Why not! Limited space made ​​it a simple garden interesting, even a fish pond is decorated with an artificial wall.

This side garden measuring 6m x 2m is narrow. To get around this narrow land, we can put a variety of plants in pots. Therefore, there is some land that remains for the circulation area and sitting area with tiled floor.

Not just potted plants fill the park. Another attraction is the fish pond with an artificial wall. This wall of water flows, like the cliffs at the waterfall area. If you love the water, in addition to being the element of water gives freshness and natural sound.

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