Creating Beautiful Small Garden

Many people who have just cramped behind our house, we usually leave it without a touch, just fill in a few potted plants. In order to look beautiful so let's reset the page that was visible narrow eye-catching and soothing. That's all we can do it the easy way. Let's do it!

First we shape the level of the soil surface. In the latter form a hill try not too high (a maximum of approximately 50 cm tall) and cover most of the land with short grass and thick. Leave a few rows of a fixed place or open surface for our planted with ornamental plants or flowers.

Try planting ornamental plants or flowers on the side of the edge of our yard. For variations or kinds of plants up to our own tastes. We can grow vegetables.

For the land that form a hill, plant the plants that are not so high. So basically all of our plants are planted with ornamental plant species are not tall or short course. Back at the plant in the ground form a hill, when the plants sprout quickly we trim the edges. If you are comfortable, try not to put a fence is too high so the garden looks so narrow. Allow your yard without a fence or at least, create a living fence of a certain plant.

If we wish to make a fish pond, make a shape like a dangling thread, so it is not round or wide. Establish a perimeter path following the page in length but still has the shape or appearance of the artistic / interesting. After the park we have formed or so, then we park in a narrow area that will look beautiful, clean and spacious.

Hopefully these tips to organize and beautify our parks narrow to be green, cool and enjoyable.

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  1. its goog tip for my home, keep doin..