5 Tips Organizing Garden Office

Every day we go to the office. Office as a second home for us. For an office that should be made as comfortable as possible in order to support the activities of our work so as not to lead to saturation in our activity in doing the job. Besides the artistic interior design, should also be supported structuring the office is more attractive. Because the office of the earliest and easily used as indicators of hygiene and cleanliness assessment office. To organize our office is not easy, but also not too difficult, for a full earnest intention of creativity with respect to some creative factors such as exposure to these experiences.

1. The state of page

However the state of the pages, narrow or wide, low or high, it can be arranged according to the situation, according to taste desired arrangement. Which part to the parking lot, and other places to park pages.

2. Concern Tops

Leaders who care always in control, how to clean the yard, the condition of the plants in the garden courtyard, and the neatness of the office.

3. Togetherness Subordinates

When the leadership is concerned, of the employees as subordinates also must take care to organize, join our office and arrange the room where he works.

4. Availability of Budget

It also depends on the availability of the budget, because all require a fee, certain funds, especially to pay for cleaners, stylists page, or to buy the purposes of routine consumables and cleaning tools

5. Customer Involvement

There is a motto, the consumer or the customer is king. Customers in this office can also visitors should also be involved in maintaining the cleanliness of their participation or non perkatoran page that has been well organized.

A bit of creative factors presented by the experience during an assignment to serve on a government-owned public service office. Exposure to even this experience could also have a similarity of circumstances and how to organize our other offices in non-government agencies. Hope can provide a more useful discourse with.


  1. Thanks for the post mate you have written it very well.

  2. Hey, thanks for giving me an idea. This is very helpful for me. I'll try this on my Condo in Pasig. Thank you very much for sharing!