Make Garden In The Home

The presence in the home garden can create an atmosphere of calm and freshness of its own. Plants neatly arranged can also produce a mosaic of beauty. This of course will have positive impact for residents.

Park is the complement of the house. A beautiful Design and unique will increasingly make its occupants feel at home. Creating and designing gardens at home was not too difficult. Only, this should be adjusted to the condition and extent of existing homes.

In addition to utilizing the excess land, the park can also be prepared by use of one room in the house. This is if there is no land left at all to make it because of the limitations place. If you want to build home garden note the following

1. Adjust the number of plants with the existing land area. To find out how many plants required to the land, the formula used was divided by the diameter of the land area of seeds. For example, if the available land area 1000 square inches, while the seed 25 inches, then the number of seeds required is 40 units.

2. If you do not have the rest of the land could be made garden, then choose one corner of the room to create the park. But, this nature garden not as permanent. You can choose a corner living room, family room or another room.

3. Choose plants that suit the situation and the existing land conditions. If garden are at outdoors, where sunlight can freely choose the appropriate plants. Some types of flowers can be used as a choice for this type. But if the garden was in the room, select the type of plants that fit in the room (indoor plant), or who likes the shade. Choose plants that vary in size. Arrange plants according to size so as to create a beautiful layout and sequence of interest.

4. To garden outside the room so before planting the soil is mixed or reversed first. It's so wild grass and weeds can die from the root.

5. To create more value beauty, you can equip it with garden accessories. For example, installing garden lights with various designs are beautiful and interesting

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