Palm, Decorate Streets Who Do Not Like Puddle

Plant this one is beautiful. Besides planted on the roadside, also worth planted in a pot and used to decorate the room.

Who does not know the palm trees? Almost all people, young and old, know this one plant. Easy to grow, easy to maintain. If you had just planted around the house or yard indoor ornamental plants, now also widely planted in the margins of the road. Type his palm even more diverse.

Plant this one did not require requirements grow very strange. Prefer planted in soil that contains sand, but do not like stagnant water. Can be planted in the lowlands and highlands. During the breeding period, 'allergic' to the sun. Instead, the growth period it needs full sun.

Even so, no means palm could be planted in the room. still can, if every once spent 3 days in order to get sunlight. There are several species of palm that can be used as indoor plants, such as the Yellow palm, fish tail palm, Cabbage palm, fan palm. While palm species for outdoor plants including palm Bottle, Red Palm, King palm, and palm lady.

Seed Seedling
Seedling with seed is in three stages, namely germination, growth, and enlargement.

- Germination
Provide old palm fruit with a blackish-brown skin or red. Soak in water, then peel the skin and the meat is rubbed manner. Drain seeds and dry in the sun to dry. Then, soak in water for 12
- 21 hours
Enter the wet seeds into plastic bag water spray, tie, and put in the shade. After 3 - 4 weeks, germinated seeds are stored in a thermos container media (peat) moist for 2 - 3 days until the candidate roots appear.
- Growth
Provide a planting medium in the form of a mixture of rice husk, sand and manure (1: 1: 1), and enter into
plastic bag. Planting seeds that already have a third candidate's roots in the plastic bag. Give a clear plastic hood to cover plastic bag, store in the shade, and every 2 - 3 days spray with water once. After 1.5 - 3 months, usually appear early leaves. Wait until the leaves while 3 to 4 pieces, the new move.
- Enlargement
Rearing container seedlings can be potted or
plastic bag. Enter a mixture of rice husk, soil, and manure (1: 1: 1). Remove seeds by way of "withdrawn", and then planted in containers that have been provided. Every 1.5 months, give as much fertilizer NPK half teaspoon. diligent flush. After 6 to 8 months, planting the seeds as needed.
In addition to propagation by seed, palm trees can also be propagated by separating root. For example separating chicks from red palm. What is clear, the separation can not be done chicks directly or sudden, but it must be gradual.
Choose a healthy palm seedlings, and then sliced a quarter of the rhizome chicks. Allow about 10 - 14 days, after that continue the previous slice to reach half-sections, and allow 10 to 14 days. Iris again until three-quarters of a part, and wait for 14 days. Only then, separate the seedlings as needed.

Variety Palm
There are various species of palm that we know. Some of them are:
- Palm Yellow
Latin name Chrysalidocarpus lutescens, Hyophorbe commersoniana, Hyophorbe indica, Areca palm, or Areca lutescens. The growth clumped, 50-150 cm tall, stem round, closed stem segments and petiole golden brown (a little green mixed in). The leaves are compound curved and composed of strands of leaves children, and is located in pairs on petiole mother.

- Fish Tail Palm

Called fish-tail palm (Caryota plumos), because its leaves resemble the form of fish. Edge leaves like a fish tail, shiny leaves skin with the bones of a pinnate leaf. Bright green leaf color, length 20 cm and 15 cm wide. Higher plants can reach 3 feet.

- Cabbage Palm

As the name implies, this palm has fan-shaped leaves with wavy folds like a cabbage leaf (kobis). When planted in the yard, the height can reach 3 meters. Leaves 40-50 cm long, and 60-70 cm wide. Color of leaves at the bottom of the green, was at the top of the green.

- Palm Fan
His name (Livistona chinensis) could not be separated from the leaf shape. A half-circle like an open fan. Leaf diameter of about 30-50 cm. This palm is one of the palm of the most durable in the room. Can reach a height of 10 meters. Look beautiful when the plants are still located at an altitude of less than 2 meters.

- Palm King

King palm planted many come from Cuba, which is Roystone regia, R.buringuena, and R.elata. This palm is also known as the Royal Palm. Form a solid trunk, with the high reaching 25 meters more. Usually grown as a decorative side of the road.

- Palm Princess

Like King palm, lady palm is often planted on the roadside. It looked like a palm-King, but the color is more green leaves and wider. This palm was imported from Madagascar.

- Red Palm
Specialist located on the stem and bone red. To maintain the red color, should be planted in the open space around the courtyard. Red palm is native to Indonesia, among others, could be obtained in Borneo, in the lowland swamp forests up to 500 meters above sea level.

- Palm bottle
Looks quite charming, bulging rootstock, the stems are narrower, so much like bottles. The header slow growth and narrow. Among the many species of palm, bottle palm consumers always hunted, often used as a symbol of social-economic status.

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