The Charming Little Garden

Residential petite nothing can now have the parts that used to house only synonymous with broad land. Includes a beautiful garden beautifully.

In the past, seldom has a small house gardens, especially beautiful, because he will be looking to make land more narrow and claustrophobic. Plus people who have a house with limited land confused, what is the appropriate crops planted there. In fact, as air circulation, making the garden does not always require extensive land.

Land measuring 2 x 3 meters can now be used as a beautiful garden and cool. Live how the concept of the park you want to adopt. All you need to remember is do not limit your gardening ideas only in plants. For a minimalist garden are usually located in a narrow land, not any decent plants and ornaments placed there.

I think, one of select plant will make the land look more narrow narrower. Because land was limited, usually about 2-6 square meters, home owners would want this minimalist garden can be arranged as optimal as possible.

Minimalist garden should feature natural accent with a material that is not too much, especially if the house has a large window.

In addition, aspects of health and comfort of residents is also very worth noting when creating a minimalist garden. You know not, minimalist narrow residential desperate need of oxygen supply? Well, the oxygen requirement can be obtained from the photosynthesis of green plants. Therefore, multiply the green plants in the garden is minimalist. Oxygen can also be obtained from the element of water. Therefore, the present pool plus a waterfall or fountain is an appropriate step.

Creating the garden is not always synonymous with a lot of plants and trees. Make a pond can become interesting concept. According , one of his landscape business owners, the pool of land suitable for narrow and elongated shape must not widen. Widening the pool makes the garden seem less broad. All around the pond, you can put different kinds of plants with different colors and sizes.

Given the vast land that can not, you could put these plants in pots. Besides it takes a lot of land, the use of pot is also more practical for move. To cover the surface of the ground, you can use the grass. It could also just cast a stone. In order to view the beautiful pond, you can add different accessories or ornaments garden fountain funny and unique designs.

Garden may be small ornaments and details of commonly used large houses. Garden ornaments such as statues, garden lamps, chairs, even the path can also be applied in your small garden. However, course design, size, and the setting is different with a big house ornaments.

Ornaments that you choose should be small, not too big, too long, or too wide, so you still have space to put other ornamentation without being full.

To create a minimalist garden, there are several characteristics that need attention. Buildings generally minimalist story with geometric shapes or boxes. This forms the impression stuck firm and rigid. Now, the presence of the garden is expected to reduce the stiff impression. Where should garden be minimalist? Very flexible. You can put it on the front, rear, corner, side, even in the house. If you liked the element of water, you could put a minimalist garden-themed water park in the front of the house.

If the garden was in the back of the house, make a more simple design. Avoid forms that resembles the mountain because it will foster a narrow sense. If you want to bring the grass, should select a small and delicate leaves like grass howl.

Another case for the minimalist garden are present in the house. Usually located at the end of the stairs. The right plants for the garden at the family home is a palm. Green leafy plants with slightly yellow tinge, Dracena fragrans, is also worthy of your choice.

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