9 Mistake Make Garden at Home

In some time ago, a friend who complained that his house looks barren garden, unlike the other houses he had seen or even that often is in a magazine. And he had tried to copy even garden design that he thinks pretty and beautiful. The result, still did not satisfy .

If we observe, the park houses some places will give a different impression. There was a look of beautiful and harmony with its surroundings, there is a visible barren and dry, and some even look too thick, so give the impression of a dark and forbidding. So the question arises, what wrong with these gardens?

Apparently, consciously or not, there are some common error made in the design and manufacturing process. The following observations and other info from some common mistakes made when creating the park.

1. Planting leafy
Generally, at the time of manufacture, we buy a plant with a smaller size. Usually directly planted with spacing narrower than the recommended spacing. For the tree, because it looked small, it is planted too close to other tree without taking into account developments in the adult branch. In the foreseeable future, the result will look stacked, and too dense.

2. Too Many Plant type
One of the principles of design as a 'continuity of design sustainability' (continuity) will feel lost and do not merge when using many types of plants. Determining the specific types of design and repetition in a particular section will be binding and unification of the whole design so it looks harmonious with the existing environment.

3. One Choosing Plants
Conditions contained house shaded area and not a major factor to consider. Make no mistake selecting and placing one type of plant that are not in accordance with optimum growing conditions. The characteristics of the inaccuracy of the plant leaves quickly turn yellow and brown, dry, to death in a short time.

4. Grass and shrub order Inappropriate
Generally a room with a grass surface will be decorated with small bushes or ground cover the outer side of the border / barrier so it looks neat, orderly and clean. If the placement is not appropriate shrubs and make it look narrower, the park will feel cramped, disorganized and losing the desired focus of the garden. In addition, these conditions will complicate the process of maintaining the grass.

5. Placing the Tree in the Middle Page Grass
Front garden ornaments serve as the main house when viewed from outer space. Site selection is expected to be planting trees fasade frame house design that looked more beautiful and comfortable. Usually the placement of trees in the middle of the lawn will be impressed by 'blocking' house. Moreover, if the plant is a large tree and the shade, will make a house become too dark. A good place is to put him on the side of the house. If you want shade, the shadow should fall in front of the house that adds a shady spot for the house. Even if really wanted, the placement of trees in front of the house should really be taken into account its impact on the design of the house and the house itself fasade.

6. Plant Too Close to Building
The narrow land sometimes becomes an obstacle in making the garden. Planting shrubs near the house wall is the most favorite thing to do. But the media placement and distance using the earnings are often not in accordance with the recommendation of planting should be. Save some space (about 10-15 cm) between the outer canopy of plants shrubs and walls of the building. Another concern is the planting of large trees close to the walls of the building. Beware of spreading root growth and can damage the walls of the building.

7. Bush Too High
If plants grow too tall in front of the house, will cover the windows and block the sunlight and air flow into the house. Note the position of the window, the direction of the wind and the height of adult plants at the park remained so beautiful without making the house became unwell. Choose plants that have a constant high or take some time to make the right cuts for the desired plant height.

8. Crop condition Ailing
In the annual cycle, there are times where the plants look unhealthy and chlorotic. Apart from climate change, the process of adaptation to environmental conditions of life are major factors. Chlorotic also can occur in less planting medium iron elements, because the soil is predominantly alkaline. Choose plants that fit with the existing soil type, and then do the proper fertilization and effective. If you are unsure, ask the expert recommendations of plants for plant species that will be used.

9. Scattered Light Plants Without Color Pattern
The presence of color in the garden will make the park more attractive, but if the presence of these colors spread without a good pattern, color accent does not affect taste effectively. Put plants with bright colors at some point so it is more visible. Then compare it with the same plant placement along the barrier construction, will feel the color impression is lost. Even if the settings are correct, the color of light on the garden can provide more benefits for the refreshment of mind and self motivation.

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