Small Garden Set

For those of you who have a minimalist garden should feature a few accents. With a small plot of land in front of the house and wanted to make it a garden, you can use some of the following ways.

To create a minimalist garden, there are several characteristics that need attention. Buildings generally minimalist story with geometric shapes or boxes. This forms the impression stuck firm and rigid. The presence of the park is expected to reduce the stiff impression.

with natural materials that are not too many, especially if the house has a large window. You certainly know the importance of oxygen in a house. The need for oxygen can be obtained from the photosynthesis of green plants. Therefore, multiply the green plants in the garden is minimalist. Oxygen can also be obtained from the element of water. Therefore, the present pool plus a waterfall or fountain, is the right step.

Many types of plants that inhabit the park suitable minimalist. Some of them, namely Linium Caladium, Calathea majestic with fresh green leaves, which often adorn the pool area.

For flowering plants, you also have much choice. You name it, flower peacock, Alamanda, trumpet, jasmine, and myrtle. Not only beautiful, yellow flowers are tiny but fragrant scent to your garden as well.

Not only ornamental plants. Fruit crops could you show the type of garden this one. But remember, do not plant any fruit.

Instead, select trees lean and vertical growth. Plants rose like a pillar candle or fir can also be decorating the garden.

Plants also can be planted in a pot to save the land. However, you should still look at how to set the pots. There 'formula' which you can apply the system or even an odd arrangement. "The system is odd, let the small size of the pot, place the pot slightly askew medium and rather large. That way, the shape of a triangle but not the same leg. You can also order a pot in the form of isosceles triangles, two small pots and a large size.

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