Recognizing Land For Media Plant

Not all soil or planting media were fertile. Only land that contains certain elements which virtually infertile. Is it?

As the planting medium, soil provides the main factors for plant growth, they are nutrients, water, and air with its function as a mechanical support medium roots and soil temperature. All these factors must be balanced for good plant growth and sustainable.

Soil nutrients needed consist of macro elements (needed in large quantities) include N, P, K, Ca, Mg, and S, and micro elements (needed in small amounts) include Fe, Mn, B, Mo, Cu , Zn, and Cl.

In addition to the content of macro and micro elements, the soil should also contain water. Power save water at a certain soil types will be different, it depends on the structure of the soil. What is required of good media is the type of soil that can store water but not excessive, according to the needs of the plant with any conditions of the season. In addition, the land also has a pH (acidity). Factors affect water availability soil acidity. Soil pH range for wet areas and the range is 5-7 for dry areas is 7-9. This also affects the selection of plant species. For wet areas (ph 5-7) select plants that can thrive in such a range of Ph. The same with the other ph.

It is also important is the content of the air. The presence of air in the soil will affect the density and the density of the soil structure. A healthy root development and the process of breathing air by the roots become a benchmark of whether or not aeration air at a certain soil structure.

Other, related to external factors such as the existence of the building structure, the existence of a severe type of weed, the presence of landslide-prone land, and other factors.

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