Balcony Garden

Many homes today are built up, it's strategy for limited land size. Even now, it is also angry with minimum built area of apartments green areas. But this is not a reason to not make or have in the garden house / apartment units. The balcony can be used as an area of small green areas and beauty. How?

Carefully Before Arranging

It is important to ask the parties to plan and build these buildings, whether the area that we are the lyrics to a balcony garden is strong enough to support the additional burden of the park or plant material. Similar to planning a roof garden, need also to take into account the maximum load that can be sustained by building the framework underneath.

Then the maintenance of maintenance is also important to note. Is the location accessible by water or fertilizer can be done or the addition of planting medium? All must be taken into account in the implementation of security maintenance.

Making outer space and privacy
With either set of plants that are planted directly in pots or hanging will form an outer space that can function as a family recreation room, or even the family's privacy. Placing the plants in a row can also serve as an effective windbreak. But this position should be noted that these plant stands firmly as a strong wind came. By providing a wide range bit, the wind pressure can be solved, so do not make a broken or uprooted plants.

Plants in containers more secure
In a fairly narrow location, sometimes in a container planting is the best option. Both in the manufacture planter or by placing a potted plant. It all depends with accessibility implementation.

For planting in the planter, to note how watering and disposal of flushing water left. If creative, home owners can take advantage of waste water for air conditioning plants and make flushing drain rain water into the channel. The point is not to create abundance and puddle on the deck or patio building of the house.

The placement of potted plants also need to be examined. Do not put heavy enough pot lane balcony less powerful prop load. The species used are resistant to sunlight, dry conditions in drought or very wet during the rainy season, as well as exposure to wind resistance.

As the plant collections
The location is relatively difficult to reach people from the outside, making this area is often a good place to put a collection of plants that cost quite expensive. Say popular species such as Anthurium, Aglonema , And Philodendron . Environmental conditions were adjusted to the balcony which is shaded and cool, but still good air circulation.

Also if there is no shade in the area, can put vegetable crops grown in the container. Age of their life cycle is relatively short, allowing us to grow crops with vegetable plants we want.

So, where and how was the location of the place, a small garden can be created. Is no exception with such a narrow area on the balcony or terrace buildings on the house.

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