Rose with the scientific name of plants of the Rosaceae is Rosanales order worthy of the nickname is the "Queen of Flowers" because almost everyone likes and knows roses. Colors are gorgeous flowers with a variety of colorful garden atmosphere seemed to turn into colorful, plus scent of a fragrant charm fragrant.

Roses known to have many varieties that called Rosaceae or rose family rose. Increasingly technological advances make this plant family with diverse colors ranging from red, purple, black and even a mixture of several colors. Besides the petals are increasingly varied, from a single bud, to a stacked double.

In general, roses are grouped according to stature and the nature of its growth into 4 major groups. Namely: the rose bushes planted as a fence many, rose dwarf form of potted plants, roses and the last tree that grows roses liana vine.
How To Gardening Roses

This planting is because of this interest does not require special treatment. These flowers can grow in hot climates, was even cold.

Planting medium is required fertile soil and drainage / irrigation well, which is less fertile flowers if planted in the media that is too loose and sandy. The sun shines enough to make this tree bloom diligent and flourish.

Roses can be propagated by seeds, cuttings, grafting, cuttings and split saplings. The most practical way is by cuttings.

Besides the sun shines enough, should also be trimmed regularly so that new shoots emerge and do not forget to give the flower stimulus fertilizer regularly. Pruning should be done in the rainy season because the buds will soon grow and new flowers will emerge.
Planting Roses In Pots

Planting roses in pots do need a little patience is as follows:

* Pot of clay, pottery or cement preferably cast from a plastic pot while not so recommended for porous and humid not so easy to root rot and lack of oxygen supply.
* Comparative Media planting 1:1:1 / 4 between the soil, manure and sand smooth. If you are patient enough,
recommended to the media before planting boiled to decay microorganisms die and roses free from disease.
* Required pieces of brick or small stones in the bottom of the pot so that excess water can spray out soon.
* Cutting the roots and growing media replacement every 1-2 years for plants to grow healthy and fertile. The beauty of this can be over 10 years old when your loving care and can bloom all year.

How to Cut Roses Long Lasting? Beauty and the beauty of roses in the vase will be annihilated along with the wilting flowers, you can extend more time with a few tips:

* Most cut flowers quickly wither due to decay in the former cut flowers, which decay bacteria multiply and block vascular channels. Resulting in rapid wilting flowers for food supply constrained. To overcome benzoate acid should be added to the water so the bacteria die and decay can be slowed. You can also add 3 drops of bleach fabric per 1 liter of water.
* Rate cut still needs the nutrients he gets from the capillary force to prolong freshness. You can add 1 tsp sugar in 1 liter of water soaking. Or you can use the special nutritional cut flowers are available in cut flower shop.
* Interest cut will absorb water optimally at pH 3,5-4,5, and to avoid dehydration, you can lower the pH of the water at an ideal by adding citric acid 200 mg per 1 liter of water.
* Use of glass vases, ceramic or plastic, and avoid the use of flower vases made of metal because metal and usually contains ethylene-sensitive flowers such content.
* For water absorption can be optimized, you must cut the base of the stem so that the obtained sectional italic larger trunk. In this way it is more optimal cut stem to absorb water.
* Cut the leaves are unnecessary so that sufficient food suppy.

Valentines Symbols
Many meanings behind a rose, the sorrow, sincere, joy to love and the meaning of love. Because of this diversity, so get to know the meaning of the color of the beauty queen of flowers to avoid errors of understanding, namely:

* Red: love, courage, respect
* Yellow: joy, happiness, freedom
* Pink / Peach: Thank you, gratitude, admiration, appreciation and sympathy.
* White: reverence, purity of heart, secrecy, engagement.
* Red & White: togetherness
* Black: grief

Benefits rose bush.
Behind beauty rose color, it also contains natural medicinal properties. If you could go out the way to Bangkok, will you find food that is made of roses. Many restaurants in bangkok a mainstay of the menu served the interest of this material.

This flower is safe to consume and has several benefits. Its essential oil contains geraniol and limonene which functions as an antiseptic, fungal candida killer albican causes whitish and increase stamina. Smell of roses are also often used as a soothing aromatherapy are also improving mood.

Leaf dry petals can also be for the scent of tea. It's easy, you mix a bit of dried flower petals boiled with tea and then strain the water, you will enjoy the fresh smell and sip tea roses that can improve mood.

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