With Garden Access Path

Of course those of us who love the garden always wanted to plant our crops are not damaged it? Solution path laying in the middle of the garden is the best way to avoid the above events. Moreover, if we want a spacious lawn and always flourish, and has a lot of places that require the access road is an important factor in it.

Various shapes and paths model is very much at all. Squares, rectangles, ovals, and naturally we can choose according to the theme parks we have. If we have a minimalist garden should we choose the minimalist design too, such as a square or rectangular like the picture above. But if we make a path with a tropical theme garden and we should naturally choose a natural.

The shape, material, size and a very affordable price we can get at the store or place that specializes in material path. Tips sizes to create a path square and rectangular in my experience is 40 × 40 cm, 50 × 50 cm, 60 × 60 cm, 40 × 60 cm, 50 × 70cm, 60 × 90 cm, 60 × 120 cm, and onwards. And for the distance between the step with one another between 9 to 12 cm, but should be about 10 cm.

Other forms such as oval or naturally also noteworthy for the size and material of the path. Adjust the path of material with rock elements that match the surrounding buildings. For the step spacing is way above my mantle. Many materials that we can choose. And one more tips, try the path you have created parallel to the surface of the soil or the lawn of our garden, so as not to interfere with user convenience.

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