Pond Water Plant

Hobby for water plants or from which you want to give the element of water in your garden design, placement of water pond plants into the design alternative that can complement your garden. Where to place the pool we can also arrange a broadcast receiver or a family gathering area. Appearance of these ponds also provide a cool atmosphere and beautiful for the garden in your yard.

Various design alternatives pond water plants we already know well from your neighborhood or browsing the Website. Themes such as the minimalist and natural we can choose according to the wishes and of course your budget. Then water the plant selection and planting of suitable media is also to be aware of, so that later the pond design will be eye-catching.

With a fairly simple design with a stepping stone to access into the room, may be applied to the
front garden design of your home. Edging or the edge of the rock pool Palimanan in accordance with the building design. The addition of water plants such as Thalia dealbata, and Echinodorus angustifolia Thypa also cordyfolius pond in accordance with their own designs.

How about making natural pond design? Basically the same as the above, but the sides of the pond created by the provision of loose pebbles or gravel is spread on the side of the pond. Adding natural waterfalls can also be applied, because the natural waterfall design is also suitable for natural ponds. Water plants such as Nymphaea, Nelumbo nucifera, Victoria amazonica, and so can you plant in the pond water plants in accordance with your wishes.

Finally giving water, the media approximately 30 cm plant with fabric filter coating (as a filter so that the pool is not dirty) and gravel or pebbles in the pond there is a complement of this pool. And do not forget to watch out for water circulation so that no mosquito larvae in the pond. So how do you interested? Present comfortable and beautiful atmosphere of your garden pond plants by adding water.

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