Creating Simple Pond and Garden in front of the House

Own pond and garden in front of the house need not be expensive and complicated, with simple junk and take advantage of existing plants will be created gardens and beautiful ponds and lush beautiful is not always expensive

During this assumption to have a dream garden pond and usually will not cost a bit because normally we would leave the artisans making the park and pool lots are lane roads, usually counted per square meter.

Now there is no harm in you trying to create their own pool and garden using existing materials around us so that we do not need to spend money for that purpose. As I've done on the existing front yard of my house measuring just 1.5 meters wide X 11 meters.

Arrest Attention
Garden and pond I made sure to make passersby turn and if you do not hurry will usually stop for a moment to just admire it, I always peek activities and they will make me proud, and that's all I make with materials and utilizing the existing plants that do not great expense but the result is maximum.

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