6 Easy Steps trimming Plants

All plants need pruning, especially large crop of shade trees. Its main objective is to keep its shape remains good, and spur growth. Trimming perhaps just not necessary for small plants that served as ground cover.

1. Early pruning
A good time to prune is when the plants begin to look untidy. For instance, the plant was extended into an unwanted direction. Or other plant cover. Specify branch should be cut. If need is indicated.

2. Branch Cut
Trimming can be done with many tools. Ranging from knives, scissors cut until the saw. Customize it with a big, texture and violence cut branches. Make sure sharp cutting tools so it could look more presentable.

3. Cut Leaf.
Stems, branches and twigs of new growth is just as well trimmed. Discard the disturbing new shoots. Withholding benefits from an early age because it is more neatly.

4. Besides keeping tidy, trimming can also be done to foster a new branching. Very simple way, cut the "head" or top of the plant. There is a good idea wrapped in plastic to avoid rotting month after pruning, a new branch Talon would arise. If it feels too many branches can be reduced with the cut.

5. There is another trick, which is cut leaf stem in the head. Remove the leaves until they run out and break bud. This way is more secure from decay. But sometimes the top main stem can grow. Break again if deemed unnecessary.

6. Rod so do not waste disposed. Pieces can be planted stem cuttings way. Use the red soil media. Can be done in pots. But better planted by the media wrapped in gunny sacks. Put in place a fairly shaded but not dark

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