Tips Make Minim Garden Maintenance

Bring a garden is a dream of all people, including my friend's landscape? With a variety of theme parks which can grow buddy always achieve the desired match with. But sometimes there are some constraints in terms of Garden maintenance. This landscape is intended to mate with a little time to spare or are (sorry) too lazy to deal directly with the park. For a hobby to gardening course this is not obstruction means, but these tips can also be applied.

In Concept Creating postings Park 4, I promised to discuss this topic and there is a question of my friend like this landscape:

Laying Stone Elements

Stone-gravel-and-stepping-stone in the effort to bring the beauty of a park, not necessarily with diverse vegetation. The laying of hard elements such as natural rock and gravel, also very good to beautify the park as well as minimize maintenance on the park. A cross between rock and gravel can we use as a boundary between areas of crops and the area home. We also can make access to the park with paths, by combining the rock and gravel and stepping stone.

But this placement is not necessarily we just put it, because usually weeds will grow around the gravel. Therefore we have to do preliminary work for a laying of stone, gravel and trail. Prepare weeding block placed on the ground. Pal landscape can buy it at stores that sell plants or can be in the shop building. After weeding block is installed, cover with plastic and then sprinkle the stone and gravel and stepping stone placed as needed. Now, with an additional block of plastic and weeding that reduces the growth of weeds.

Low Maintenance Vegetation

Select a border-plant crops suitable for the area or neighborhood friend's house landscape. That is, plants that fit the environment will grow up with healthy and this is what makes these plants more minimal in terms of treatment. The choice of resistant plants in dry conditions such as aloevera, adenium (frangipani Japan), and much more. As a border (border), select plants such as yellow iris (Neomarica gracillis) . And to cover the ground, my friend could use a mini elephant grass (Axonophus compressus).

Plant grass

Grass planting-What? Only the grass? Of course not. This meant that the grass is very easy in terms of treatment. But wait, I mean the grass here is not paspalum grass or bermuda grass (which is used on golf courses) lho. Grass like Axonophus compressus, pearl grass, Zoysya japonica (Japanese grass) is a very common type used. I also have

Create a design as you wish buddy landscape, such as square, round, oval, or adjusting Bentu land. Percantik with the presence of stones and gravel as the border between areas of grass and other vegetation areas or patio areas. Easy enough right?

Pot Plants

Pot-Plant For plant lovers, or rather with the usual crop planted in the pot, these tips can be applied at home. Pot plants are very probably do not need a large space. Pot also makes minimal maintenance and selection of appropriate plants to beautify the presence of these pots. do not be afraid to select plants that can grow large, because we can trim the branches and leaves. Because of these cuts could inhibit the growth of roots.

you can also explore this in a pot. Because it is easy to move, so if you feel bored with the location at the corner then move to another corner. The selection and placement of the pot size can also be applied in accordance with the wishes. For example for a small pot we put in the window, and a rather large size we put in the corner of the living room, corner the main entrance, corner stairs, or in any corner of the sexiest
discussed tips on planting grass in previous writings.

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