Make a Garden in the House (2)

A beautiful garden design and unique can make the occupants feel at home. Creating and designing gardens at home was not too difficult. Only, this should be adjusted to the condition and extent of existing homes. Land slightest pages we have, we can use it as a Garden.

Garden himself was not only built on open land. Garden can be made in the room. People familiar with this model such as a park in the garden.

Garde could be built in an open area in the space. For example in innercourt or open space inside the building. The size of his own innercourt really did not have to question, which is important, as inncercourt function into the air circulation to and from the building can be a maximum.

Here are some tips to make indoor garden / innercourt:

- Select the appropriate plant species growing in the room (indoor plant), or who likes the shade. - Choose plants that vary in size. Arrange plants according to size so as to create a beautiful layout and sequence of interest.

- To maximize its function, the park should be made innercourt dry in order to facilitate maintenance.

- Types of plants do not need much. A maximum of 2-3 plants. In addition to ease of maintenance considerations, the park in order to harmonize the minimum created the concept of modern housing. -

- As an enhancer of beauty, you can add other elements such as natural stone types of coral, stone broke, barrel or garden accessories like garden lights. And if the land is, make a mini fountain pond as the nuances of sound through the sound of water.


  1. Hi andy.
    This garden good for a house that have a big space. If you're living in a Khatulistiwa country like me, this type of garden will bring along mosquito that will bring dengue and malaria.
    See you around.

  2. My college has an indoor garden, it's got like big rocks and trees in the canteen area, it looks really good.