Utterly Unique in the Garden

Transform your garden with exquisitely handcrafted one-of-a-kind artworks

Do you have an outdoor wall that needs brightening? Or perhaps you need something to draw the eye to a particular part of your garden? There are many ways to add interest to an outdoor space — sculpture, murals, decorative gates  but if you want to create maximum impact, unique handcrafted pieces are the way to go.
 This is a 7 Elements Design creates one off artworks designed for use in the garden or outdoor living spaces. Many of her pieces, which range from pavers and sculptures to gates and works of mosaic art, incorporate glass. This causes them to glisten in natural sunlight or under artificial lighting, adding an extra dimension to your outdoor space.
 Each piece is not only unique, it is carefully and skillfully handcrafted. Is constantly evolving with exciting new design concepts always in the pipeline for discerning homeowners and art lovers  who want to stand out from the crowd. Although each design is different, the functionality and quality of the artworks remain the same. Gates and pavers, for example, are designed and built to be regularly used, so you can be assured they will last the distance.
 Materials for other pieces, such as sculptures, wall art and mosaic murals, are also chosen for their ability to retain their color and integrity in an outdoor environment. The result is a unique piece that will be a feature of your garden for many, many years to come.

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