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Beautiful Bamboo garden, Bamboo garden, Screening Bamboo, Bamboo fence
Beautiful Bamboo Garden
Combining strength with stunning looks,
bamboo screening suits any garden style

In search of a natural and ecofriendly way to block unsightly views or make an outdoor entertaining area more private? If so, Bamboo Habitat’s extensive range of bamboo screens is ideal. Committed to providing the widest-possible choice, Bamboo Habitat screens come in an array of pole thicknesses, heights and widths, including a new, easy to manage 1.2m-wide screen. This screen, like the others, can be joined for a continuous, seamless look or, if you prefer a more structured appearance, screens can be framed.

Beautiful Bamboo garden, Bamboo garden, Screening Bamboo, Bamboo fence
Fence from Bamboo
Most of the Bamboo Habitat range is now smoked using traditional firing methods. This gives the bamboo screens an earthy scent and a scorched woody-brown tone — the perfect natural backdrop to plantings or art. The Smoked Congo screen (pictured middle right) is made up of 30mm full bamboo poles and has an irregular finish to the top of the screen. The height of this style is 1.8-2.1m, making it ideal for disguising a raked or sloping fence. The Moku screens (shown above and right) are comprised of 35mm full bamboo poles and 35mm sculpted hardwood pieces for a decorative detail. This style is available in a height of 1.8m.
Beautiful Bamboo garden, Bamboo garden, Screening Bamboo, Bamboo fence
Bamboo Fences 
All screens are strung internally with 3mm galvanized wire, which ensures they stay structurally sound for about 15 years, even near saltwater or in sandy and windy environments. Bamboo Habitat also offers an installation service in the Sydney metropolitan area and the NSW South Coast.

To complement your screening, you will need the right decor, which is where Bamboo Habitat’s sister business, Tropical Habitat, steps in. It is located on the holiday island of Bali, where you can avail yourself of a buy direct and save service. Either buy direct from the website in the comfort of your own home or in person via an organized shopping tour.

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